ready, set, go.

It’s always nice to have a week where you feel like you can get life back in order, isn’t it? And, we all know that the week after the holidays is when that usually needs to happen the most. Thankfully, this past week for me has been just that.

On Wednesday I spent almost three hours organizing, reorganizing, and cleaning my room. It’s so perfect now, I don’t think I ever want to leave!

I’ve also slowly but surely started adding more fruits and veggies into my life after a few weeks of next to nada.

And for dessert?

I kid. But how amazing is that floss that Jessi got me?! In case you’re wondering, it’s unfortunately not as good as a real cupcake.

And then of course, I’ve been working on getting my heart and mind on the right track for the year ahead.

How have you gotten life back in order to start the new year?


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    I’ve been trying to organize my desk, room and computer, but it’s slow going. Sounds like a great week. I have to try and find that floss somewhere! 🙂

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    I’ve still been in vacation mode this past week! But I’m heading back to my apartment at school today so I’m going to spend this week stocking up my fridge, cleaning my apartment, and cracking down on doing my internship applications.

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    I definitely need to organize my closet, actually I need to organize everything. It feels great once it’s organized, but I just hate doing it.

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    I love the feeling after cleaning/organizing the bedroom. It is really the best. I created a budget/spend tracking spreadsheet today. While not glamorous in anyway, I know one of the biggest areas my life needs organized is in the financial dept! Gotta start somewhere

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      Honestly, nothing makes me feel more back on track then when my finances are in order! I completely understand! And detailed budgets are 100% the best way to go. good luck!!

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