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Girl meets life.

GML started in January 2010. What started as a post-college/quarter life crisis unexpectedly turned into (part of) my dream job. The goal is simple – to look back on my life and know that I laughed, loved, traveled, indulged, and savored each and every moment.

Here you’ll find my stories and experiences along with fashion, recipes, reviews, random ramblings, and then some.

about gracie.

Gracie GordonI’m the girl, Gracie Gordon – aka G, Grace Face, or a la gracie. I’m a twenty-something from Pennsylvania, currently living in New York City.

My interests include writing, reading, pop culture, social media, fashion, fitness, music, and of course my jewelry line – Speakable.

I also love: making lists, spontaneous adventures, bows, watching TV, emojis, brunch, not taking myself too seriously, road trips, inspiring quotes, autumn, diners, being a girl, dreaming big, laughing ’til it hurts, long hugs, this city, foxes, tattoos, movies, and unexpected moments…among other things.

Most important is my faith in Jesus Christ, which is paramount to everything else.

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review policy and disclaimer.

All reviews or approval of products, services, restaurants, etc. are my own thoughts and opinions. If they are sponsored by the company or I have been compensated in any way, that will be disclosed in the blog post.

I have a very strict policy of only receiving samples or services and doing reviews/giveaways of products or services that I would have already wanted to try for myself. I am always 100% honest and transparent with my feedback of everything I post a review of, whether or not the company has sponsored the review.

Please also note that I am not an expert in…well, anything. All of the information on my blog is from my own knowledge and experience.