keep ‘em coming.

Who says the cookie baking has to end after Christmas? I say keep ‘em coming.

(Looks like I’m not the only baker in the house – my sister made these Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies!)

Good old fashioned hellos. Who knows what could happen? Keep ‘em coming.

Selfies get a bad rep. So you take a picture of yourself that you like? Who cares? Own it. And I want to see it. Keep ‘em coming.

My best friend Jessi always has good advice for me. Sometimes it’s from her own experience, and other times it’s just pointing me to what God has to say. Text messages like this? Keep ‘em coming.

Oversized sweaters with fun prints and patterns for the winter? Definitely keep ‘em coming.

What do you love lately that you want to keep it coming?
And what are your thoughts on selfies??


  1. says

    Sometimes my best friend and I have text messaging conversations in just selfies. Most of the time, I never have the courage to share my selfies though!

  2. says

    I LOVE over sized sweaters. Keep ’em coming and don’t stop! I also like days off work – those could def. keep coming!

    I’m on board with selfies. I don’t do them enough for me blog, but maybe I’ll start to keep the blog feeling personal.

    • says

      yeah, there’s definitely a delicate balance when it comes to posting selfies on the blog. I absolutely agree that it can add a personal touch (and I love anything that makes me feel like I actually KNOW a blogger), but every so often it can be a bit much. i.e. I’m sure my readers don’t want to see me holding a cup of coffee EVERY day, haha.

  3. Liz says

    I’ve had a lot of new people come into my life lately and each of them are making me a better person …. Keep ’em coming!

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