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    Yea … I love all of these!!

    My pup made me smile today. I was so mad at her this morning waking me up 30 minutes before it was time for me to get up, but then she somehow found her way on to my lap as I was eating breakfast. My heart melted!

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    love when you do these posts! having some quiet time today in the middle of a crazy, new semester was a big reason for me to smile today!

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    Ohh not trying to figure it all out is something that I’m working on! Sometimes though it makes me feel really stressed because I think that I have to have everything nailed down right now- but God has tested me on that and I think I’m learning!

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    Today I’m smiling because I feel better than I have since Friday! I’ve had the plague. Ok, maybe a bit dramatic…but I’ve felt awful.

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