SBC: on repeat {GML’s fall playlist}.

GML's fall 2014 playlist


In addition to still listening to my summer playlist, here are some new tunes I’ve been into lately. Enjoy!



What songs have you been loving lately?

peanut butter s’mores cake batter blondies.

Peanut Butter S

If you’re reading GML right now, there’s a 90% chance you found me through my Cake Batter Blondies recipe What started out as a random baking experiment turned out to be my most popular post ever!

A few years ago I took the famous CBB’s to the next level with a bunch of different variations,

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SBC: Love146.


I must say that this is my favorite post of the September Blogging Challenge so far. Even though GML is life-related “fluff” most of the time, it’s really important to me to share things of actual purpose as much as I can.

So here’s a cause I’m extremely passionate about and proud to share with

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SBC: link love.

Ohhh the Internet. Full of "experts” and articles that we just can’t stop reading/sharing on Facebook.

Here are some links I’ve checked out recently that I thought were worth sharing (whether for a good read or just a good laugh).




Mark Manson

This guy’s articles are definitely worth a read. Possibly tough

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SBC: a(nother) day in the life + thankful thursday.

September Blogging Challenge ||

Hey hey, happy Thursday!

How’s the September Blogging Challenge going for you? Be sure to send me the links to your posts (comment, tweet, etc.) – would love to check ‘em out


And FYI – I *will* be putting together a challenge for October. Be on the lookout!


#17: a day

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GML’s favorite hair trends for fall.

knotted half up

We’ve gone over some of my favorite fashion trends for fall – and now onto DA HAIR.

I have a love/hate relationship with hair styles/trends. I WANT to rock them myself, but the extent to which I switch up my hair is whether I part it in the middle or on the side.

SO in

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snapshots | 9.16.14.

Brooklyn wedding

I always try to find a way to make these snapshots posts cohesive, but it never works. I guess the all-over-the-place-ness is what makes them unique, right?

I’ll start with last Friday, where I went to the lovely wedding of my friends Mark and Trish.

It also happened to be the

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SBC: makeup-less monday & what beauty means to me.

As I mentioned earlier, for some reason I thought the 16th was a Monday when I made the September Blogging Challenge (hence the “makeupless Monday”).

So for the sake of maintaining my fancy alliteration I’m posting this a day early. Cool? Cool.


makeup-less Monday / what beauty means to me.


So here’s me.

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