cake batter blondies, things christian girls say, and awkward selfies.

Something I’ve always found humorous is what people search to find GML. You guys…I get some WEIRD ones. And raunchy ones. And ones where I can totally tell who searched it ;)

Anyway, I recently saw Brittany’s post addressing some of her most searched terms, and I thought it was such a fun post idea!

So here are some of the most searched terms that lead to GML + my commentary.




life in nyc blog – nailed it.

how to get a job in new york – It’s not easy, but not impossible either. People get jobs here every day! Here are some of my tips.

cake batter blondies – my most popular post ever! For good reason. Also – my most ripped off recipe :/ But we won’t go there.

Cake Batter Blondies

make brownies with cake mix – what initially led to the Cake Batter Blondies idea. Just follow same steps but with chocolate cake mix.

red velvet brownies from cake mix – are you noticing a trend here? Sorry for all the link ups, but here’s that recipe!

how to wear clothes that do not flatter me – but why…? I can’t bring myself to give suggestions for this.

things christian girls say – hahaha -  “I’ll pray about it,” “I just had revelation,” “#blessed,” “my body is temple,” “I need to journal about this” … (this guy nails it)

living in new york pros and cons – they’re always changing depending on the season of life you’re in, but here are some of mine. Right now I’d say the biggest pro is the endless possibilities, and just how magical it is (yes – it still feels that way 3.5 years later!). The biggest con is that I miss having a car.

why is there so much pressure for girls to settle down – is there? I think it depends on where you live and your upbringing/social circles, but either way I wouldn’t give in to it. Do what makes you happy, and do what’s best for your future life/family – not what you think you’re “supposed” to do.

i’ve never asked my self about why life is like this – like what? I’d say keep asking those questions and see where it leads you.

how to make girl friends in ny – been there, I can relate! My #1 tip would be to just keep putting yourself out there and embrace any opportunity to meet new people. Here’s a post I did with tips on making friends in New York, and one on making girl friends in general.

wise words to say to a girlfriend – that she’s beautiful, duh! And tell her the truth about whether you really like her outfit or not. She may not like it at first, but she’ll appreciate it later.

i never wear heels so difficult – the struggle is real. Practice makes perfect! Investing a higher quality shoe helps too. Or just embrace that sassy little height of yours.

tapas restaurants in west village – there are SO many, but I love me some Alta.

best girl blogger – oh shucks, stop it.

awkward selfie – (s) are the best selfies.

i just cant help myself not to love them cupcakes – I feel you.

buffalo stuffed avocados – it’s not actual buffalo buuut  here ya go.

so hard not to text him – so maybe you should just text him? Unless he did something horrible…then don’t. Or if he’s dating someone else. Or if he’s in prison. Ugh there needs to be a texting manual.

how to chat with a new girl you met last night – just be yourself! Girls dig that. Maybe even make a phone call out of it.

girl who lives a full life – what I aspire to every day.

why is finding work in new york so hard for Australians – is it? I know/meet a ton of Aussies here! We like you :)

something amazing is about to happen – I couldn’t agree more.



Just out of curiosity, how did you stumble upon GML?

snacking smart with sunchips.

SUNCHIPS Multigrain Snacks

Labor Day is one of those bittersweet holidays. In a way it’s sort of sad that it’s the unofficial end of summer, but it’s also exciting to look forward to the upcoming fall season.

Not to mention – who doesn’t love a Monday off from work?

After a summer full of traveling – including

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darling magazine + liberty sisterhood | september 5th in nyc.

Liberty Sisterhood


I just have to let you in on this exciting event happening next week – the creator of DARLING MAGAZINE Sarah Dubbeldam will be joining us at Liberty Sisterhood, for a very #DarlingSisterhood!

If you haven’t heard of Darling Magazine, you absolutely must check it out. Their mission of essentially

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emmys 2014 best & worst dressed.

Lizzy Caplan Emmys 2014

Let’s be real – after the Red Carpet I spent my Monday night glued to Netflix. But I just can’t help but play my own little version of fashion police…

Starting with:



My #1 pick for the night – Lizzy Caplan. She stole the show with this dress. It looked 10 times

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snapshots | 8.25.14.

So I tried to do a little health kick when I got back from Vegas. That ended as soon as burrata was placed in front of me.

Up until then, though, I enjoyed a bunch of big ass smoothies and a veggie/quinoa feast from Blossom.

I slept my life away Thursday – Friday,

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what happens in vegas…goes on GML.

Las Vegas

If you follow me on Instagram you probably noticed that I was away in VEGAS for a few days!

Jessi and I were there to work with Succara Showroom representing their incredible brands at the ENK Show.

Our booth:

Who do you know does 6am mornings for work

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handbag essentials + Larabar giveaway!


If you ask a girl what she carries in her handbag/purse, you’re basically asking her what her OMG CANNOT LIVE WITHOUTs are. Because God forbid we get stuck somewhere without our Dior nail polish or mini lint roller. Emergencies happen, people.

Here’s my daily out-and-about handbag (which gets gutted and minimized to fit things into

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7 ways to {really} seize the day.

7 Ways to Really Seize the Day

Phrases like “seize the day” and “live in the moment” seem to have become some of the most cliché sayings out there. I find that to be really unfortunate, though, because there’s truth there that carries a lot of weight…truth that can actually change your entire life.

I think the reason so little of us

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