a {long} weekend in the life.

I can’t believe summer is (unofficially) over. AHHHH.

goodbye summer

Even though fall is my favorite season, I must admit I’m sad to see this summer come to an end. It was one of my favorite summers yet – full of highs, lows, lots of fun with my friends and family, and just some personal growth that I’m really excited about.

I decided to stay in town over the weekend, and it turned out to be a great few days! The city was definitely a ghost town, but I still managed to have a weekend balance of fun and productivity (aka the best weekends).

Rewind to Friday, where I gave myself the day off from work ;) Gotta love being your own boss!

I started the day with a visit to Arrojo studio to get my hair done.

Arrojo Studio NYC

I’ve mentioned a handful of times how much I love Arrojo. The salon itself is great (complete with a café)…

Arrojo Studio NYC

…and I love their line of products as well.

Arrojo Studio NYC

And don’t even get me started on my stylist Nadia! I’ve been going to her for about 2 years, and no one gets my blonde ambition quite like she does :)

(If you’re in NYC and looking for a stylist – she’s your girl!)

Arrojo Studio NYC

The finished product:

Gracie Gordon

After the salon I headed uptown to the Refinery Hotel for lunch with a friend.

Watermelon salad with pork belly – don’t mind if I do.

watermelon salad + pork belly

Followed by a celebratory Friday prosecco on the roof.

Refinery Rooftop NYC

On Friday night we celebrated my friend Trish’s bachelorette party with sushi, lingerie, and my gorgeous friends.

On Saturday Jessi and I met up in the morning to do a quick video shoot for our client Red Carpet Manicure. Working on Saturday made me feel less bad about being such a spoiled brat on Friday, haha.

Red Carpet Manicure / Jessi Green

Then we headed to Williamsburg for Leah’s birthday brunch at St. Balmain. Happy birthday, Leah!

Gracie Gordon / Leah Guaglione

I’m kiiiinda sorta obsessed with St. Balmain. Last time I was there I got their avocado toast (bomb), but this time I went with their Breakfast Bowl – kale, spinach, red quinoa, toasted almonds, avocado, halloumi cheese, a soft poached egg. I think it may be one of my favorite breakfast dishes ever…

Breakfast Bowl | St. Balmain | Williamsburg NY

After brunch I headed back into Manhattan to meet up with Rachel and Martina for some Saturday adventuring. It was a bit of a gloomy day, but that wasn’t going to stop us!

Manhattan skyline

We ended up at Epsteins for a few hours with all of the other “stayed in the city this weekend” rejects (I mean that in the nicest possible way, haha).

We went back to Martina’s for a few hours and watched The Devil Wears Prada (naturally) before heading back out for a late dinner. We tried to rally to go out afterward, but after being out for about 14 hours straight I figured it was probably best to call it a night.

Sunday was spent being productive – organizing the apartment, catching up on Speakable stuff, gym, etc. Then I went to church at night, which was 100% what I needed to start the new week.

And now here I am today – tempted to go do something fun BUT going to spend at least a few hours working. I have a crazy week, so gotta get ahead of the game!


Did you do anything fun for Labor Day weekend? Are you sad to see summer go?

my favorite sunless tanning products {video}.

Hey pretties!

It’s been a looooong time since I made a video, huh? I’ve gotten a handful of requests over the past month, so here’s a little something I put together last week.

Let’s chat about sunless tanning products, shall we?

(if you’re a YouTube user, feel free to go ahead and subscribe to

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cake batter blondies, things christian girls say, and awkward selfies.

Cake Batter Blondies

Something I’ve always found humorous is what people search to find GML. You guys…I get some WEIRD ones. And raunchy ones. And ones where I can totally tell who searched it

Anyway, I recently saw Brittany’s post addressing some of her most searched terms, and I thought it was such a fun post idea!

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snacking smart with sunchips.

SUNCHIPS Multigrain Snacks

Labor Day is one of those bittersweet holidays. In a way it’s sort of sad that it’s the unofficial end of summer, but it’s also exciting to look forward to the upcoming fall season.

Not to mention – who doesn’t love a Monday off from work?

After a summer full of traveling – including

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darling magazine + liberty sisterhood | september 5th in nyc.

Liberty Sisterhood


I just have to let you in on this exciting event happening next week – the creator of DARLING MAGAZINE Sarah Dubbeldam will be joining us at Liberty Sisterhood, for a very #DarlingSisterhood!

If you haven’t heard of Darling Magazine, you absolutely must check it out. Their mission of essentially

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emmys 2014 best & worst dressed.

Lizzy Caplan Emmys 2014

Let’s be real – after the Red Carpet I spent my Monday night glued to Netflix. But I just can’t help but play my own little version of fashion police…

Starting with:



My #1 pick for the night – Lizzy Caplan. She stole the show with this dress. It looked 10 times

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snapshots | 8.25.14.

So I tried to do a little health kick when I got back from Vegas. That ended as soon as burrata was placed in front of me.

Up until then, though, I enjoyed a bunch of big ass smoothies and a veggie/quinoa feast from Blossom.

I slept my life away Thursday – Friday,

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what happens in vegas…goes on GML.

Las Vegas

If you follow me on Instagram you probably noticed that I was away in VEGAS for a few days!

Jessi and I were there to work with Succara Showroom representing their incredible brands at the ENK Show.

Our booth:

Who do you know does 6am mornings for work

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