what i learned this weekend, 16.

The goal of playing darts is not to hit the bulls eye every single time. Who knew?

I really really really would like to have a destination birthday this year.

There is a way to take vitamins every day that doesn’t make me want to throw up.

(My friend Nicole who is a Fitness Specialist told me about Isotonix – you can check out her store here.)

Lot-less is thee place to go for iPad and iPhone covers. I got both for under $20!

The right Instagram filter makes going makeup-less a lot easier.

I am physically incapable of having un-chipped polished nails for more than 18 hours.

When in doubt, order breakfast and lunch.

…but an even better choice is to go to brunch at Nook in Hell’s Kitchen. So cozy and SO delicious!

My friends and I are weirdos. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What did you learn this weekend?
And do you take daily vitamins? If so, what?

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