the bright side.

This is going to be the obligatory “I’m sick, woe is me” post. You have been warned.

But I do have to say, I’ve got it pretty made when it comes to being sick. I may not be feeling up to going outside much, but thankfully…nature comes to me.

Talk about the bright side, right?

And I may not have my mom nearby to cook for me, but I do have the glorious addition to our technologically-advanced world: Seamless. Thanks to Seamless, I was able to enjoy a delicious delivered meal from Blossom Du Jour.

That would be the Blossom Bean Burger (with guacamole and lettuce) on a brown rice wrap. SO good. Although I’m far from being vegan, I’ve yet to meet a vegan restaurant in the city that I didn’t love. Blossom Du Jour is definitely near the top of that list.

The only not-so-great thing about being sick?

You see, since I already work from home, I’ve got to be really sick to let myself take the day off. I’m still pretty functional, so no excuses here.

Even though I’m still working, the bright side is that my sick day(s) have consisted of reading on my new iPad, and tea upon tea upon tea.

(Thanks to my BFF Jessi for this fine assortment :))

I’ll be honest – after 36 hours of not leaving the apartment – I’m feeling quite stir crazy. Recently posted photos of a party we threw a few weeks ago at BOW certainly hasn’t helped…

BUT. With the weekend rapidly approaching, getting better is my top priority. Right? Right.

Any other sickies out there? How are you nursing yourself back to health?

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