cost approach, 10.

Some new décor and dishware for the apartment: free as Christmas gifts for Erica and I.

Some new décor and dishware for the first time in ???: priceless.

A massive breakfast and coffee from the corner deli: $10.

Catching up with my best friend after a week of not seeing each other: priceless.

Getting caught up with work after the holiday: about 3 hours of our Saturday.

That work taking place on the couch while watching a movie and eating truffles: priceless.

A long-overdue night out with Jessi and Erica: a stolen phone…therefore no photos.

The fact that I have money saved and was planning on upgrading my phone soon anyway: priceless.

A ticket to the FreelyBe New Year’s Eve party at (the changed venue of) Mister H: $115.

Saying goodbye to an amazing 2012 and ringing in the new year with my favorite people: priceless.

(If you’re in New York, join us!)

Help a girl out! Thoughts on iPhone 4S versus the iPhone 5? I had an iPhone 4 and was perfectly happy with it…

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