makes me happy.

The rest of the world may be starting season 6 of Mad Men, but this cable-less chick is just beginning season 5 now that it’s finally on Netflix. And that makes me happy.

My love for obnoxious jewelry is more acceptable than ever. That makes me happy too.

I’m going to Pennsylvania this weekend to celebrate Easter with my family. Yay!

While I’m there I’m going to take the opportunity to try a new recipe or two. Considering I haven’t done so in months, that makes me really, really happy.

(Healthy Cookie Dough Bites? Yes please!)

Summer is around the corner. And the swimsuits this season are extremely cute. Happy about that.

Last but not least, I cannot stop reading this quote! We have full freedom in Christ, and to say that that makes me happy is an understatement…

What’s making you happy today?
Best new recipe you’ve tried lately?

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