cost approach, 13.

One girly date with Monica at Casellula: about $30.

Chatting about the fact that we have the same secret plan for our future: priceless.

A Sunday trip to the Pocono Raceway: a (much-needed) 36-hour escape from the city.

Going to my very first Nascar race with one of my favorite people: priceless.

One coffee to get me through a 7am train ride: $2.10.

Being close enough to Pennsylvania to make a last minute quick trip home: priceless.

My cell phone having a personal hotspot for internet access: free with my data plan.

The ability to pin while on the train: priceless.

Watching The Bachelorette After the Final Rose: staying up an hour later than I wanted to.

Finding out that Juan Pablo will be the new Bachelor: priceless.

One Blue Plate 2.0 from Blue Sage Grille: $19.

Eating one of the most delicious vegetarian meals I’ve ever (despite being a carnivore): priceless.

Getting myself to remember this promise: a daily practice.

This promise: priceless.

Your turn! What’s priceless to you right now?
Ever been to a Nascar race?

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