It’s Thursdayyyy. I like that. A lot.

This week has been a bit of a busy one so far, but a great one nonetheless. Here are some noteworthy moments I captured in the midst of the busy-ness.

I made Chocolate Toffee Bark for the first time for a little get-together on Tuesday. It had always been a favorite treat of mine, but I never made it myself. Who knew it was SO easy to make?! Just four ingredients.

Definitely a new go-to recipe.

The bark was definitely a hit, but not as much of a stunner as the incredible rooftop view as the sun set. New York City moment, right there…

That same day I also made a batch of Double Chocolate Chip Heath Bar Cookies as part of a gift for a certain someone. I used a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe but added milk chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and Heath Bar pieces. They turned out great!

And since I’m all about balance over here at GML, I also made it a point to hit the gym every morning (can you tell by my barely open eyes? haha).

I think this whole exercise thing is finally turning into a habit – as is some better eating choices – like this healthy and filling noteworthy breakfast from Fuel.

(Just because I’m eating better, it doesn’t mean I’ve forgone my beloved Seamless ;))

And this Zing Bar I grabbed from Whole Foods. It’s very LARABAR-esque but with more protein. Loved it.

Definitely noteworthy this week has been the weather. We had some rain here and there, but yesterday in particular was a b-e-a-u-t. It made it the perfect day to run a ton of (mostly wedding-related) errands. From Tribeca, to Union Square, to Times Square, and everywhere in between…

…and yes, I squeezed in just a bit of shopping for myself. My favorite sunglasses broke and just had to be replaced.

Some noteworthy snippets from my devotionals this week:

And last but not least, you know I’m a sucker for good quotes…



What has been noteworthy about your week so far?
Any new recipes or food finds?

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