mprint jewelry giveaway.

A couple of weeks ago Em from MPrint reached out to me to check out her jewelry line. Em, who is also one of my lovely GML readers, is the creator of the unique and fashionable Maine-based line of jewelry. I’m a huge fan of jewelry and accessories to begin with, but the story behind MPrint is one that I find especially intriguing. From the website:

Dressing up in her mother’s upcoming styles, digging through countless old jewelry boxes, intricate coin collections and admiring the women of her family, Emily has always had an eye for vintage, timeless treasures.

Every place Em has gone she has carried her family heirlooms with her, interchanging lockets with new chains, and refurbishing old pieces to be on trend with the season. Each piece she wears tells a story, or holds a date in time for a family member that she feels connected to. This has led to her first ‘travel’ collection.

I absolutely love the idea of viewing jewelry as not just an article of fashion but as a treasure that holds some sort of meaning to it. That’s why I was more than excited when Em offered to send me this gorgeous Honolulu Transit Ring.

I’m obsessed with this ring! I’ve worn it out three times already and have gotten compliments every time. It’s a great statement piece – not to mention that it has that tribal vibe to it, which is very in style right now.

And guess what? Em was kind enough to offer the Honolulu Transit Ring to one of my readers as well!

How to enter:

1) Leave a comment saying what piece of jewelry you own that holds the most meaning to you.

2) Tweet “I entered @alagracie’s @mprintjewelry giveaway!

***Please be sure to leave a comment for each entry for them to be counted accordingly.***

The contest will end on Thursday 1/24 at 4pm. Open to U.S. residents only. Good luck!

p.s. check out the rest of the MPrint store and look book for some more amazing jewelry pieces.



  1. Ally says

    I love that ring! My most meaningful piece of jewelry is a locket my brother got me from london, and inside I put a piece of paper that says “whatever you are, be a good one”

  2. marjorie says

    My most treasured piece of jewelry is my Grandmother’s engagement ring, it was my Grandfather’s West Point Class ring that he gave her. I think it is so neat how the year 1945 is inscribed on the side of the ring and my Grandfather also engraved a sweet inscription to my Grandmother on the inside of the ring. I treasure it even more as my Grandfather passed away this past year.

  3. kayleigh says

    i have my grandmother’s engagement band. i am not engaged yet, but it will be my ring when that day comes. it is such a unique setting and my brother has the diamond from it which he put in his wife’s engagement ring. i love how this ring has become something we can all share now and each have a piece of it.

  4. says

    I just recently got married and decided to wear my grandmother’s wedding band from her first marriage (my mom’s dad – he passed away when she was young). It’s a beautiful ring that fits my vintage style, and it means so much that it used to be my grandmother’s.

  5. Robyn says

    My Grandmother gave me her wedding ring this Christmas and requested I wear it. I’m not married, but I love it.

  6. says

    I have a small diamond ring that my parents gave me for my 21st birthday and it means the world to me. I also have a gold ring that was passed down to me from my grandma in Russia (she bought it over two decades ago) and I love it as well. Those two rings are my most beloved jewelry pieces.

  7. Sam says

    My boyfriend bought me the fortune cookie necklace from Etsy. You can personalize the ‘fortune’, so it says my favorite quote: ‘If you want the rainbow, you must deal with the rain.’ I love it!

  8. Jackie says

    I have a necklace my friend gave me when I was in her wedding. She made personalized ones for each girl to help us remember her special day and our special friendship 🙂

  9. Carrie says

    I have several, but my two most treasured are a small bead ‘dangle’ that my son (now 8) made at a fair when he was 3/4 – someone selling jewelry showed him how and helped him put it together. Also is a claddagh ring that belonged to a friend who committed suicide my sophomore year in college. She was a tremendous friend and the world is a bit darker without her spirit. I still miss her, that was almost 16 years ago.

  10. says

    My best friends and I all got matching, engraved lockets when we graduated high school. I don’t think any piece will ever be as meaningful!

  11. says

    One of my most meaningful pieces of jewelry is a ring I got in athens, greece back in 2001. I’ve been back to athens twice since then, and one time I bought a matching 2nd one just so I have a back up! It was maybe 7 dollars, but reminds me of some of the best moments in my life!

  12. Lauren says

    My most meaningful piece of jewelry is a ring that my grandma left me when she died. I wear it everyday!

  13. Emily says

    i own a gold charm bracelet that i add a charm to from each vacation i’ve been on since i was nine. it’s filling up with charms from all over. i love it. & that ring….. is awesome !!!!!

  14. Ashley says

    I LOVE that ring!! What an original piece of jewelry, so cute! My most treasured is not a piece of jewelry, but my jewelry box. My grandfather purchased it in Japan, then gave it to my mom and she gave it to me when I was younger.

  15. says

    I would say my engagement ring is #1. Not only for obvious reasons, but it also belonged to my husband’s grandmother! #2 would be a gold “A” necklace with a little diamond on it. It was my grandmother’s (and my namesake) it means a lot to me.

  16. Emily says

    I found a costume-jewelry ring at my grandmother’s home after she passed and I wear it all of the time. I love it!

  17. Melissa P. says

    When I was 12, my dad took a trip to the west coat and brought back a turquoise ring for me as a gift. I love it to this day. It’s so pretty and unique.

  18. Jacqui says

    I love the heart necklace my parents gave me on my graduation day. It means so much to me and I wear it every day!

  19. Sherry says

    My favorite ring was given to me by my step-mother. Her grandfather had immigrated from Hungry. Before the stockmarket crash in 1929 he decided to return to Hungry where he still owned farm land. His two daughters decided to stay in America. He had a set of gold cuff-links adorned with rubies and diamonds that he had made into rings for his daughters. My step-mother had no children of her own and passed one of the rings on to me. I get complimented on it wherever I go.

  20. Amanda says

    My most treasured piece of jewelry is a ring that has been passed down in my family for generations. It has the letter “A” inscribed on it, so it gets passed through all of the girls in our family whose names start with A. You better believe if I ever have a girl her name will start with an A! I would love to win that ring, it’s gorgeous:)

  21. Megan says

    my most treasured piece of jewelry is my grandmother’s necklace. Its a necklace of an “S” for her name Susan with a diamond on top. She wore it every day and never took it off- it was her absolute signature piece. Even though it’s not actually something that reflects my taste nor do I have an S in my name I always wear it when I feel like I need some of her strength.

  22. Melissa says

    My Tiffany bracelet, because my mom gave it to me and it is a symbol of strength and perseverence.

  23. says

    I have a Minnie and Me gold charm bracelet my mother gave me as a child before she passed. It still fits, and I still wear it. Luckily charm bracelets came back in style, and it always makes me feel closer to her. 🙂

  24. shani says

    The most important piece of jewelry I own is the Tiffany Heart I got when I was born. I wear it everyday and hate taking it off

  25. Skye says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my Hook bracelet from St. Thomas. It signifies a chapter of my life that brought so much happiness and adventure to my world and lead me to my beautiful family 🙂

  26. Amy says

    My most meaningful piece of jewelry is a silver locket necklace my father gave to me. Inside it has a picture of us when I was just a baby. 🙂