the good type of busy.

To me, there are two types of being busy. There’s the bad – I’m-going-to-pull-my-hair-out - kind, and the good – why can’t every week be like this? - kind.

Thankfully, so far this week has been the latter.

Yesterday Jessi and I got a very special treat of a complimentary facial at Caudalie Spa  thanks to Beauty Booked. It was a particularly welcome break in the day, to say the least.

Caudalie is hands down the most relaxing spa I’ve been to in the city. The moment you walk in the door it’s like you’ve entered an oasis, and the staff is extremely kind and helpful. They also have a lounge area with snacks and tea, where we spent some extra time to relax after our facials.

The facial itself was also great. Sometimes facials can be a less-than-comfortable treatment, but this one left me feeling so refreshed…and slightly out of it.

Later in the evening we met up with our friend Tim for the Movember launch event. FreelyBe is hosting a Movember wrap-up party later in November, so it was exciting to be able to attend the official launch.

The event was complete with shaving stations, plenty of au d’oeuvres, a a caricature station, and photo booth.

Afterward we headed downtown to the Many Hopes Breaking Ground launch event, for what ended up being a great night.

Side note – if you’re in NYC you should join us at FreakyBe tomorrow, also benefitting Many Hopes!

With work all day and an event almost every night, I don’t know if I could handle every week being like this. But I most definitely won’t complain! And hey, at least I’m still finding time (1am) to squeeze in blogging (from bed) and eat a nutritious (frozen meal) dinner…

Do you prefer busy days/weeks or the more low-key ones?

4 comments to the good type of busy.

  • Gina G

    Definitely to be busy! Love having low-key nights about once a week (so needed haha), but for the majority of the time being busy is my favorite. :)

    Glad you have had a great week!

  • A good busy is so much better than a bad busy. When I’m “good busy,” I can sleep for a few hours and still be happy. When I’m “bad busy,” I think about all the ways I would like to punch people.

  • i agree.. there definitely two types of busy, but one of them is more sustainable than the other :) congrats on freelybe!!

  • I think I prefer to have a good balance of both, but let’s be real here… those type of weeks are hard to come by :-P.

    P.S. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I secretly took your tips on having faith and taking risks. Just wanted to say thanks =). Took my risk, uprooted my life to NYC, and I couldn’t be more at ease with myself and my decision.

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