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On Wednesday Jessi and I attended the launch event for Beauty Booked – a new website that allows you to search for and instantly book beauty appointments.

Jessi was invited through her blog As Good As Its Guests and I tagged along (we’re kind of a two-for-one blogger deal, clearly). The launch was at Caudalie Spa in the city’s landmark Plaza Hotel. It was an intimate event of about 50 guests, where we mingled, snacked, and watched a brief video introducing Beauty Booked.

In addition to learning more about Beauty Booked, guests were pampered with mini eye treatments, oxygen infusion treatments, and hand & foot massages.

…We went the massage route.

So, what’s Beauty Booked all about? From their website:

Beauty Booked provides members with insider access to discover and book the best salons and spas in NYC (more cities soon).Through Beauty Booked, you can:

  • Search a curated assortment of salon & spas by name, availability, service, location and/or price range
  • Book salon & spa appointments instantly, for free
  • Discover tips & tricks and read reviews from top beauty experts and other Beauty Booked users
  • Earn reward points that can be redeemed for future beauty services.

Love this concept! I’ve definitely become that person who prefers to book things online instead of calling, so this is right up my alley. I’ve already booked my first appointment – a complimentary facial at  Caudalie Spa (courtesy of Beauty Booked) – and can see myself using it again in the future.

After the event we took the opportunity to roam The Plaza a bit since it was my first time there. Even though I’ve lived her for almost two years, I love still finding myself in those priceless New York City moments…

Do you think you’d use something like Beauty Booked to book your salon/spa appointments?


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