carnival des corbeaux.

Last night, Jessi and I did something different than what we normally do on a Saturday night.


We were kindly invited to go to Carnival Des Corbeaux at The MicKittrick Hotel a few days before Halloween, but this chick named Sandy decided to come by and created many more important things to worry about than parties. So, we costumed up and went to the first of two rescheduled December events.

Face tattoos and wigs…check and check.

I’ve still yet to go to Sleep No More (must ASAP), but Carnival Des Corbeaux definitely gave me an idea of what the famous interactive theatre experience is like. Carnival was one huge party taking place in a number of different rooms, with performances and surprised popping up around every corner.

Photos don’t even do the event justice because it wasn’t just a party, it was an entire experience unlike anything I even knew existed.

There’s one more Carnival Des Corbeaux taking place next week, and I believe tickets are still available! And even though I haven’t yet been to Sleep No More, I think I can pretty safely suggest it if you’re looking to do something fun and different in New York. There’s really nothing else like it…anywhere.

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