not normal.

Although I rarely actually believe them, I’m slightly obsessed with conspiracy theories. Not normal.

Has anyone seem Savages? Great movie but…I just couldn’t get over how Blake Lively’s character was in love with two guys. Not normal either.

Wait – you’re telling me I can get this better-than-the-$30-ones-I’ve-tried bronzer for under $12? Maybe it’s just news to me but…not normal.

Maybe the better word to describe this is “unnatural,” but Christmas trees in the streets of the concrete jungle…doesn’t seem normal.

And my little Crumbs cupcake habit? Is enjoyed cold. In a bowl. Eaten upside-down. I don’t even have to say it.

Have you seen Savages? Thoughts?
And is anyone else into conspiracy theories (or know of a good blog/website about them that I can get lost in)?


  1. Kate says

    That bronzer makes me look like an oompa loompa! 🙁 Sephora’s store brand bronzer is fantastic if you’re ever looking to try a new one! PS- Obsessed with your blog.

    • says

      ah, really? what shade did you use? mine is the light one, and the pink kind of offsets the orange-y tones on my skin! Will have to try Sephora’s next time around 🙂 xx

  2. Kim says

    I use the Neutragina (sp) bronzer that’s similar. I’ve also just had my first Crumbs cupcake this week and I dumped mine in a bowl after my usual technique didn’t work (pull bottom off and put on top = frosting sandwich)

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