a backwards recap.

Hello from VBar! You’re reading this blog post approximately three hours after I drafted it on a torn piece of paper from Erica’s Moleskin.

Thanks Erica.

I’m currently (er…was?) sipping on a large iced coffee and some water. I was like, really thirsty. And hyper.

I walked (t)here from Elmo, where I had brunch with Jessi, Mady, and Rosie. I had truffle French fries and a BLT…minus the T…plus some A (vocado).

It was the perfect meal after a very late night out…

…where a certain somebody “misplaced” their phone. Hint: it wasn’t me.

Now I’m home after some bopping around the city with Erica on this stunner of a day. We definitely picked a good day to have off work, to say the least.

Here’s to the weekend! Enjoy yours, friends :)

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