I’m not really sure when Halloween became a week-long festivity, but that definitely seems to be the case this year. And I must say, I don’t hate it.

On Friday night we kicked things off with the 2nd annual FreakyBe costume party.

I was a boxer.

The crew of a boxer consists of a ninja, vampire, and cheerleader, in case you were wondering.

Everyone had such great consumes! Lots of originality going on this year.

You may recognize this lovely lady, who channeled none other than Regina George. So excited Gabriela (formerly of Une Vie Saine) is back in New York!

It was such a fun night! Thanks to everyone who came out and joined us :)

The rest of the weekend for me has been pretty low key. The city is in a bit of disarray right now preparing for the hurricane, so I’m trying to avoid that as much as possible.

…which means taking full advantage of Roku, naturally.

And thank goodness our favorite salad joint Chop’t delivers.

I’m making it a point to get out of the house today, though, since that might not be an option over the next couple of days. Sandy may be throwing a wrench in Halloweek for now, but I fully intend to make it to my parties on Tuesday and Wednesday! Until then, I’ll have to get my fix of the holiday at home…

Have you been celebrating Halloween yet? What’s your costume (going to be)?

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