NYC staycation with Marriott Rewards and FlashPerks.

Marriott Rewards

If you’ve been following GML you may remember that I had a fun staycation with Marriott Hotels a few months ago. It was an incredible experience, so I was so excited when they reached out for me to participate in another campaign!




What I’ve really grown to love about Marriott Hotels

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SBC: 7 & 8.

September Blogging Challenge ||

Hey hey!

How’s the September Blogging Challenge going for you? Kind of a fun way to keep up with blogging, right?




Here’s #7 and #8 for me…


7 things I’d like to work on/improve.

* get better at living in the moment * stop being a people pleaser (reading

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scenes from the weekend {+ SoulCycle review}.

Want to know the truth behind this photo?

It was taken 5 minutes after I thought I left my phone in the gym locker room, ran back to find it wasn’t there, bawled my eyes out like a lunatic on the street, then found that I had left it on the counter at Liquiteria.

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SBC: top 5 of summer, top 6 for fall.

Hey hey, happy Saturday!

Let’s jump right into #5 and #6 of the September Blogging Challenge, shall we?


top 5 highlights from summer.

In no particular order…

Spending nearly 2 weeks away with my family. I haven’t spent this much time with my family in almost 4 years! I got to see both my

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SBC: thankful thursday.


Today I’m thankful for…

Cabs. They’re my biggest vice ($$$), but I just find cab rides to be so…relaxing.

Fall being around the corner. I know everyone is all OMG FALL LEAVES SWEATERS PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES right now, but it genuinely is (and always has been) my favorite season.

My job(s). I really

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SBC: favorite fashion trends right now.

distressed black skinnies

Another day, another chance to swoon over my imaginary wardrobe.

Here are some of my favorite fashion trends right now – especially going into fall.


distressed black skinnies. I actually made a pair of these for myself the other day.


chunky heels. So obnoxious, so fab.


off the shoulders

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SBC: goals + accomplishments.


Let’s get this September Blogging Challenge started, shall we? Starting with…


1) September goals.

Stick to this challenge. I’m sure I’ll end up compiling a lot of the posts (like this one), but I’m determined to complete all 30!

Speakable. September is going to be a planning month as I have some

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september blogging challenge.

September Blogging Challenge ||

I’m sure you’ve seen those photo challenges on Instagram, right?

Well I thought it would be fun to start a similar challenge, but this time with blogging!

Here’s a little September Blogging Challenge I put together with post topic ideas for the next 30 days, and I’d love it if you joined the challenge with

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