style: a girl and her rompers.

Ever since rompers (AKA jumpers, AKA jumpsuits, AKA onesies) became popular a few years ago, they have been my absolute favorite thing to wear. If you’re a regular reader of GML you’ve probably already noticed that they’re my “thing.” With my build – petite with some curves – I’ve found that (the right) rompers are usually really flattering on me.

One of my favorite things about rompers is that they’re just so…simple! No need to pick out a top and a bottom – just throw on a romper and shoes and you’re good to go. I also love that they can easily be transitioned from day to night, just by going from flats to wedges and changing up accessories.

This romper is from Boohoo, which has one of the best romper selections I’ve seen (and very affordable, which is always a plus).

Gracie Gordon | | girlmeetslife.comGracie Gordon | | girlmeetslife.comGracie Gordon | | girlmeetslife.comGracie Gordon | |

The whole look:

hat – Urban Outfitters
clutch – Top Shop
sunnies – Forever 21
rings – Top Shop
shoes – Eric Michael

necklace – Speakable


What clothing item would you say is your “thing?” Are you a fan of rompers?

faith: no turning back.


I get asked fairly often what the *why* is behind my faith – more so than usual over this past weekend – and I started feeling convicted when I found myself giving a sort of fluffy, easy answer. So I’m challenging myself to be more bold in my response (hence this post).

Why I follow Jesus isn’t about how I was raised, and it’s not about checking off “Christian” as my religious preference. My reason is a pretty simple one, but it’s also one that makes people a little uncomfortable when they learn it, as it may for you right now.

The truth is that I’m completely and utterly lost without Jesus. Period. Gracie without Jesus is hopeless, depressed, anxious, and selfish. That’s right – I’m not a “good” person in my own strength or doing. Anything good about me comes from Him.

I’ve tried finding fulfillment in the things of the world, and it has always left me feeling emptier and more hopeless. Money, alcohol, status, approval from others, and even self actualization are terrible masters. The only real joy and fullness of life comes from Jesus. And when you realize that, and once you’ve been set FREE, there’s no turning back…

I feel like I’m supposed to extend an invitation. If you’re reading this and think it seems crazy (ha) but it still struck a chord with you, or if you just want to chat more about faith/Christianity – shoot me an email at gracie(at)girlmeetslife(dot)com <3

scenes from the {holiday} weekend.

Hey babes!

I’m going to keep things light on the words since I have a lotttt of work to catch up on today 😉 But here’s a little photo recap of my long weekend away in Montauk with the gals.

weekend in Montauk || Gracie Gordon || weekend in Montauk || Gracie Gordon ||  weekend in Montauk || Gracie Gordon ||  weekend in Montauk || Gracie Gordon || GirlMeetsLife.comweekend in Montauk || Gracie Gordon || GirlMeetsLife.comRuschmeyer's MontaukLa Brisa, Tacombi restaurant | Montauk NYweekend in Montauk || Gracie Gordon ||

The highlight of the weekend for me was definitely spending days on the BEACH. I forgot how much it was my happy place. I needed some salt water & sand in my life. I can’t wait to go back in a few weeks…!

weekend in Montauk || Gracie Gordon ||


p.s. wanted to say HI and give a big virtual hug to Catherine (Kathryn?) who I met at Sloppy Tuna in Montauk. You’re the sweetest + made my day meeting you! :) 


For those of you thinking about going to Montauk, here are my favorite spots:

Gurney’s/Scarpetta Beach
Surf Lodge
Navy Beach
La Brisa
Harbor Montauk
Left Hand
Montauk Juice Factory


from the outside looking in.

Just about every morning I have an hour of “quiet time” where I pray, read, journal, and sometimes even just sit in silence. I’ve actually become quite dependent on that time alone with God. It sets my heart and mind in the right place before starting the day, and it’s during that time that I get the deepest revelations/realizations about God, myself, and life in general.

Today as I was journaling (I’ve posted before about how important I think journaling is), I made a list of all of the things I’m thankful for. This is something I do pretty often, and to be honest the list usually looks the same most of the time.

Today, though, it looked a bit different. I started writing things down that I didn’t even know I was thankful for…things that I either didn’t realize I had, and even things that one arguably wouldn’t/shouldn’t be thankful for.

I realized that the moments of my most sincere thankfulness and gratitude comes from looking at things from an outside perspective. Sometimes I even look at my life as my 16-year-old self. I think she’d be pretty excited if she knew what life in her late 20’s would look like.

It’s so easy to focus on the things we don’t have – “if only THIS happened I’d be so much happier,” or “if only THAT happened my life would somehow be complete.” But if you take a second to look at your life from the outside looking in, you might be surprised that you’re a lot further along – with a lot more to be grateful for – than you realized.


When you look at your life from an outside perspective, what does it make you most grateful for?

on a tuesday {day in the life}.

Hey friends! Hope your week is off to a great start.

My week so far (especially today) has been a pretty busy one as I’m getting ready to leave tomorrow for a mini beach vacation in Montauk. So here’s a little day in the life action…

6am – wake up. God time. Eat peanut butter banana toast, and try to drink tea. Immediately switch to coffee 😛

7:15am – catch up on scheduling social media posts for some of our brands for the next few weeks.

8:15am – reply to emails, comments, etc.

9am – prep Speakable orders ready to be shipped.

10am – get ready, put together outfits for photo shoot. Eat a quick snack.

11am – photo shoot with Samy for GML, Speakable, and another little secret project.

Gracie Gordon

1:30pm – photo shoot is a wrap! Eat more toast for lunch (mashed avocado + egg).

2pm – a hodge podge of work stuff – write blog posts, email replies, social media engagement.

4pm – start packing for my trip. Get frustrated and distracted because I hate packing.

4:45pm – run some errands – post office, bank.

5:30pm – back home, finish packing.

6:30pm – catch up on more emails. Cancel the plans I had for tonight. Start writing this post. Waste some time on Pinterest and social media.

8pm – eat dinner in bed while watching Suits (my new TV show obsession). I ordered from Beyond Sushi.

9:30pm – Eat a few scoops of Arctic Zero. Read for about an hour before calling it a (n early) night.


What was the highlight of your week so far? Are you taking any time off from work this week?

#herestohome: kicking off summer at the Tasting Table Hamptons House.

If you follow me on social media you probably saw that for the past two Saturdays I was out east at the Tasting Table Hamptons House. They have a handful of events going on out there, and I was so excited to be a part of them! I was invited by my friends at Coca Cola Life, who was one of the sponsors of the events.

Gracie Gordon and Sydney Vincent | Tasting Table Hamptons House

 Tasting Table Hamptons House

Tasting Table Hamptons House

Rewind to two Saturdays ago, where Sydney and I headed to the summer barbecue event. It was everything you could hope for in a BBQ – burgers, hot dogs, great sides and passed au d’oeuvres, specialty cocktails, and of course Coca Cola Life.

Tasting Table Hamptons House

Coca Cola Life

Gracie Gordon | Coca Cola Life | Tasting Table Hamptons House

And then this past Saturday, we headed back out for their Rosé tasting event. Once again, everything was exactly what you’d hope for in a summer party.

Gracie Gordon | Coca Cola Life | Tasting Table Hamptons House

This time the food spread included oysters, shellfish, ceviche, and more.

Tasting Table Hamptons House

Tasting Table Hamptons House

They also had fun games set up outside like Jenga, ping pong, and corn hole.

Tasting Table Hamptons House

Full disclosure – I didn’t actually drink the Rosé because we had to drive back to the city afterward, but I did have one too many bottles of Coca Cola Life 😛

Coca Cola Life | Tasting Table Hamptons House

These events definitely made it feel like SUMMER up in here, which I needed because sometimes the craziness of NYC makes you forget that. I loved being able to escape the city for a bit and just enjoy the warm weather, incredible food and drinks, and great company.

I can’t wait to be back out in the Hamptons soon! We’re heading to Montauk on Wednesday for a nice long 4th of July weekend.


What are your plans for the 4th of July weekend? Got any good summer BBQs coming up?