four layer pumpkin dream dessert.

Prepare yourselves…

Four Layer Pumpkin Dream Dessert

This is hands down my new favorite dessert. I’m a sucker for anything that combines a creamy fluffy texture with a great crunch, and this dessert has exactly that.

(And let’s be real – I’m a total sucker for all things pumpkin. #BASIC)

Four Layer Pumpkin Dream Dessert

Making all of the separate layers can be a tad much (in the form of dishes, at least) but it’s simple and pretty much impossible mess up.

Four Layer Pumpkin Dream Dessert

I wish I could take credit for this amazing recipe, but it’s yet another winning Pinterest find.

The only difference is that I subbed the pecans for graham crackers – which kept the great crunch but (I think) added an even better flavor component.

Four Layer Pumpkin Dream Dessert

Click here for the original recipe!

ridding vs replacing.


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of giving up.

Don’t worry – this post isn’t going to be as pessimistic as that suggests 😉

Recently I’ve seen a handful of articles online addressing when and why it’s important to give up certain things in life. And then of course there’s the countless “inspirational” quotes on Pinterest saying things like:

“If it doesn’t matter, get rid of it.”

“Saying yes to happiness means saying no to things and people that stress you out.”

“If you ever find yourself in the wrong story…leave.”

I’ll be the first to admit that those quotes have resonated with me. I found them all on my own Pinterest board, in fact. Don’t get me wrong – I get it. I understand that there is a time and a place in life to give up on things that are unhealthy or harmful. But lately, quotes + articles centered around the idea of giving up have left me feeling so…icky. Defeated. And it has got me wondering if sometimes in an effort to free ourselves from painful things, we’re going about it all wrong.

Maybe I’m missing the point. Maybe I’m looking too much into something that is just mere semantics. But, what if those semantics – the words we speak over our lives and let resonate with us – what if they affect us more than we realize? 

I think it’s important to look at the fruit that certain beliefs and thoughts have in our lives. For example, any time I’ve “given up” or “stopped wasting my time” on something, it never left me a better person in the end. Instead it left me feeling defeated, fearful, and empty.

Yes – getting rid of unhealthy things in your life is important. It IS a good thing. But even more important is REPLACING those unhealthy things with something else. Something positive. Something that will ADD to your life.

So instead of just getting rid of fear – replace it with PEACE.

Instead of just getting rid of your worries about the future – replace those worries with HOPE.

If cutting out unhealthy relationships – replace them with the right ones.

Instead of speaking over your life that you’re giving up – shift your focus on what you DO want. Be expectant!


What are your thoughts on this? What in your life needs some replacing right now?


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surprise! say hello to Basics.

If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably gathered that the reason I’ve been so MIA here on GML is because I just launched a new brand with Jessi.

Say hello to Basics NYC! A faith-based minimalist fashion & lifestyle brand.

Basics NYC

So far we just have a few designs, but we’re excited to roll out a few more within the next couple of months.

Basics NYC

Jessi and I have actually been working on + keeping Basics a secret for around 6 months. Over the summer it started to take off on its own, so we figured it was time to make things official! So we had a launch party here in New York last week, and it was incredible to have so much support from our friends and family :)

If you’re interested you can follow Basics on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

speakable fall sale {extended for GML readers!}

A few days ago a Speakable Fall Sale started, but I was so busy I wasn’t able to share it with my favorite people – YOU!

The sale was supposed to end tonight, but since I took so long to post this I’ve decided to extend the sale for GML readers.

Speakable Be Still necklace

Head over to the Speakable website and receive 15% off your entire order by entering promo code FALL15GML upon checkout.

That includes all necklaces, and our brand new bracelets!

Speakable bracelet



Let me know if you have any questions. xoxo


how to deal with a bad day.

Today was a bad day.

I’m not going to sugar coat or add a filter here. Today just…sucked. It actually had nothing to do with my circumstances (nothing “happened”), I was just in one of those moods where I felt bleh. Unmotivated, frustrated, questioning all of my life’s decisions…

Yeah. One of those days.

Don’t worry. My pity party is over, so I won’t be letting it out on you. Instead, I used this bad day to learn more about myself and how to make bad days less bad, and hopefully can pass a little something positive out of it along to you.

1. Realize (and accept) that you’re JUST having a bad day.
Seems obvious enough, right? Well, I don’t know about you, but I can far too easily NOT realize this, and that can often make a day go from bad to worse. The simple realization and admission that it’s a bad DAY, not a bad LIFE can help shift your perspective to get through the day. Remind yourself that it’s only 24 hours (or less). You can get through it. You WILL get through it.

2. Don’t let a bad day turn into a bad week.
This is very much related to #1. Just keep reminding yourself that the way you’re feeling isn’t going to last forever. It most likely isn’t even going to last until tomorrow. Focus on the day at hand – getting over it and getting through it – and do whatever it takes to keep it from rolling over into tomorrow.

3. Meditate – don’t medicate.
When you’re having a bad day or in a bad mood, it’s natural to want to numb those feelings or distract yourself with self-medication. Things like eating, drinking, shopping, etc. Most of the time you’ll probably regret doing any of those things to try to make yourself feel better. Those are just bandaids. Instead, it’s important to address the underlying reason(s) you might be having a bad day. If you have the time – even if it’s just 5 minutes – go somewhere alone to sit quietly and meditate. For me that looks like prayer and journaling. For you it might be listening to music, deep breathing, or going for a walk.

4. Write down the things you’re thankful for.
This is a habit that is always beneficial to have, but it’s especially important on the bad days and can really help put things into perspective.

5. Sweat it out and/or get outside.
Personally, exercise and just getting outside are two things that automatically alleviate stress + sadness. There’s just something about sweat and fresh air (especially together) that can totally re-set everything.

6. Try to put off making decisions, if possible.
This is something I’ve definitely learned the hard way, and also why it’s so important to first recognize that you’re having a bad day. When I’m not myself, I tend to make rash decisions that seem like great ideas, only to regret it the following day/week. A bad day or being in a bad mood is NOT the time to quit your job, bring up important conversations, make big purchases, etc. Trust me on that one 😉


Hope that wasn’t too much of a debbie-downer post, ha! I just thought it might be of help to some of you who might be going through a bad day/rough week <3

How do you deal with bad days? Anything to add?

what being a girl boss means to me {with JCPenney} + giveaway.

If you’ve done just about any internet or social media browsing, you’ve probably come across the term or hashtag #GirlBoss. It’s a term that has been used quite frequently over the past few years as a way to describe a girl who is confident, strong, responsible, and…well, a boss. The term originated from Sophia Amoruso’s book “Girlboss,” which is full of tips to help women be successful in the workplace and beyond.

Lately I’ve been thinking about what it means to me to be a Girl Boss. To me, a Girl Boss is…

Confident, but she is also humble.
She runs the show in certain areas, but she also is always looking for opportunities to help others.
She is strong but not afraid to admit areas that she might be weak at or need help with.
She makes others feel comfortable when they’re around her.
She is a boss, but she is not bossy.


Another characteristic of a Girl Boss is that most of the time, you know she’s a Girl Boss just by looking at her; the confidence she holds when she walks into a room, combined with her own unique, effortless, personal style. I’m lucky that I don’t just know a few Girl Bosses – I’m surrounded by them. Most of the women in my life are the women I described above, and I know I’m blessed to have that “band of sisters” to do life with.

I also must say that I come across new Girl Bosses all the time! I don’t think it’s surprising that there’s a heck of a lot of them here in New York City. I love the opportunity to meet and learn from new women whether it’s through work, at fitness classes, social gatherings, etc. So when JCPenney approached me to share my take on women who make my community come alive – this goes out to them…to all the Girl Bosses out there.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve really come into my own personal style – what makes me feel the most confident, beautiful, and comfortable in my own skin. So a few weeks ago I was shopping in JCPenney and trying on some different outfits for an upcoming event here in New York, and I immediately knew that this was the look I was going for.

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blouse: Worthington short sleeve color block blouse
shorts: a.n.a® Soft Beach Shorts
shoes: a.n.a® Isha Peep-Toe High Heel Mule

jcp4 JCP shoes

When I dress in my own personal style – not dependent on trends or what anyone else says is fashionable – I feel empowered to bring out my inner Girl Boss, and then in turn I feel fired up to empower others as well. And this look just does that. JCP Gracie Gordon **********

Check out the JCP Fall Lookbook at Find JCP on: Facebook Twitter / Pinterest / Instagram / YouTube / Google+ / We Heart It / Polyvore


What makes you feel like a Girl Boss? Tell me in the comments for a chance to win a $100 JCPenney gift card.
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