a weird week.

I think I can speak for most New Yorkers when I say that even though we knew Sandy would be a strong storm, we never anticipated it to have this large of an impact on the city (especially because of how quickly we were back on our feet after Irene last year).

It’s been a few days and almost half of the city is still without power, our subway system down, and businesses closed. I can definitely say I never imagined the city feeling this…eerie.

(photo taken by Alyssa)

(photos taken by some of my friends via Instagram)

Please continue to keep NYC and the rest of the East Coast in your thoughts and prayers! And THANK YOU to all of the amazing people who have been working relentlessly to save lives and get back life to normal for us all.

I must admit that I feel sort of guilty for having a “staycation” of sorts throughout this whole ordeal. We never lost power, and work has been really slow (almost non-existent) so Erica and I have been spending a lot of time relaxing, reading, watching TV/movies, and even squeezing in a few workouts.

Last night we had a fun girls’ night in. Our friend Jennifer who is without power spent the night at our place, and Erica threw together quite the “tapas” dinner for us. Check out this spread!

I picked the right roommate, clearly 😉

My parties for last night and tonight got cancelled, so I’m not really sure what this Halloween has in store. I’d be perfectly happy with another night in watching movies and eating candy, but I guess we’ll see…

What are your plans for Halloween?


  1. says

    I’m so thankful that we weren’t hit too hard and I’m so sorry for all of the NYC’ers. I have a handful of friends up there still without power but they all say everyone is in good spirits and trying their best to help in any way. My thoughts and well wishes are with you all!

  2. Jamie@cupcakedynamite says

    SO SO SAD. The pictures of the subway system are so horrible, and I am missing New Jersey so hard right now!! My grandpa refused to leave his house on the bay and everything is ruined. 🙁 It is breaking my heart to see my home state in shambles!! I am glad you are safe! I can’t wait to get home and squeeze my family!!!


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