my addition to the cookie dough craze.

If you haven’t noticed, cookie dough balls seem to have taken the blog world by storm. After making a batch of Mama Pea’s version last week, I am fully and unashamedly on the bandwagon.

In a second attempt to find new uses for peanut flour, I seem to have come up with yet another cookie dough concoction. Although this one isn’t quite as delicious as those previously mentioned, they’re still pretty darn tasty. And simple. And even healthy.

4-ingredient cookie dough balls.

Picture 063


  • 1/4 cup (30g) peanut flour
  • 1/2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 Adora calcium disk, crushed
  • splash (tablespoon or so) of almond milk

directions: Microwave the coconut oil in a small bowl for 30 seconds. Stir in the peanut flour, then the milk, then the crushed Adora disk. Form dough into three balls and wrap each separately in saran wrap. Freeze for just about 5 minutes before digging in (or refrigerate if you want to save them for later).

Like I said, these balls aren’t comparable to real cookie dough in the taste department, but they sure do have the consistency! And, don’t get me wrong – I think that they taste pretty great too.

Picture 065

Obviously you could just use chocolate/carob chips instead of an Adora disk, but I figured this was a good way to make up for my calcium-lackage. I guess that’s what happens when you eat pie for breakfast

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    That’s a really good idea! I would definitely use chocolate chips though. I am always weary of taking calcium without the accompanying magnesium, vitamin D, etc. Apparently getting too much calcium actually leeches it from your bones if not accompanied by the supporting minerals (in food, they usually occur together).

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    I finally tasted Annie the Baker’s version, and they are just as good as everyone says. How does she do it?! Well, I guess we know now thanks to everyone’s recipes! 🙂

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    The addition of the Adora disc is genius! I love it! I think on my deathbed/wedding/heaven ALL I will want is GOODIE RING’S Cookie Dough! Just google it- apparently not that available in the States. These cookie rings are literally the TRUE meaning of life. They seriously have entire forums dedicated to them, are one of the top requested items to be shipped overseas, and have a cult following. TO DIE FOR. I have had a few people compare them a LITTLE bit to Samoas-girlscout cookies, but they are WAY BETTER= coconut, peanut butter, chocolate.
    Cookie dough is my favorite add in to Ice cream and one of my favorite Davinci SF syrup flavors!

    Here is my truffle contribution (aka protein truffle balls), these are great with peanut flour and coconut flour, etc:


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