red velvet cake batter brownies.

A little while back I asked what new varieties of Cake Batter Blondies you’d like to see most, and one of the top responses was a Red Velvet version.

Your wish is my command.


  • 1 box red velvet cake mix
  • 1/4 cup canola oil
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1 batch of cream cheese frosting (optional)
  • sprinkles for topping (optional)

directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Put cake mix in a large bowl and mix in the oil and egg. Then add the milk slowly just until the batter is combined – you want it to remain as dense as possible. Place batter in a greased 8×8 pan or 8-inch cake pan and bake for 24-26 minutes. Let cool for at least 60 minutes before cutting/frosting because the gooey center needs to set. The result will be a decadent, brownie-batter texture.

These are the perfect combination of the richness of Red Velvet Cake and the ooey-gooeyness of a fudgy brownie. The addition of cream cheese frosting is almost too much to handle.


You can find the rest of my cake batter creations on the recipe page.


  1. Danielle P says

    Just put these into the oven! so excited to see how they will turn out. I didn’t have an 8×8 pan so i just used the smallest one i had (not sure exact size) so I’m crossing my fingers they’re ok. I think the pan is slightly larger than 8×8 so i put them in for only 20 min at first.

  2. Michelle says

    My 1st red velvet thing I ever made. They were awesome (just wish I only icined half the brownies, I’m not big on icing). But my husband LOVED them!!

  3. liz says

    wow making these for my husband. um one question though is it supposed to be thick like playdough when done mixing? mine is but i had no canola oil and substituted veggie oil.

  4. Papa Rocks says

    I just baked a double batch of these in a ceramic bake tray. The only addition was a heaping Vanilla dose and a bag of mini choco chips.
    This recipe is SOOOO good I had to beat off my daughter from picking edges off it. I had some edges too (dont judge me) and this is so rich and awesome I know it is a keeper.
    Really amazing recipe.
    Duncky Hineses should sell this same dry mix in a separate box and just call it Red Velvet Brownies !! Its THAT good !!

  5. heather says

    I just made these….they are cooling but the inside/middle area has sunken in a lot more then the outer crust area…is that normal?

  6. lisaY says

    ive made these brownies 3 times already and each time they come out perfect…i just dust mine with powder sugar and they are delicious..thank you for the recipe 🙂


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