weekend wrap up.

Hello friends! Happy Super Bowl Sunday, but more importantly – happy birthday to my Dad! He’s the best :D

Rewind to last night, where I spent the night out with friends.

Clearly we all got the blazer memo.

After going into the city for church this morning, I headed back to Amanda’s house to prep for her Super Bowl get-together. And when I say get-together, I actually mean “eat the most delicious food you can imagine but it’s okay because you’re wearing your stretchy pants” fest.

Round one was a ton of appetizers, including Jessica’s insanely brilliant Baked Potato Nachos.

The rest of the apps spread:

Kate and her boyfriend Dan’s addition to the first course was none other than Pizza Hut Stuffed-Crust Pizza. Obviously I couldn’t say no to a slice.

A few hours later we dug into the main course – burrito bowls! We topped Amanda’s Salsa Chicken (which I’ll have to post the recipe for ASAP) with a spread of my favorite Mexican additions. Beans, guac, salsa…the whole nine.

Can we do this every Sunday??

I’m pretty exhausted, so I’m thinking about heading home early for a long night of comatose sleep. Because, let’s be honest, I don’t really care who wins the game…

…and seeing Christina Aguilera flub the National Anthem was exciting enough for me. Yeah I said it.

Goodnight, dollbabes! xoxo G

What’s your favorite thing about this year’s Super Bowl (food/moment/etc.)?

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