bow love.

Since I was about 17, I’ve had this strange obsession with bows. I just love the look of bows; they’re cute, girly, and youthful.

Over the years I’ve accumulated quite the collection of bow paraphernalia.

Picture 069 Picture 072
Picture 121

Picture 092

Picture 118

I even happen to have a bow permanently etched into my skin…commonly known as a tattoo.

Picture 124

To be quite honest – I don’t love this tattoo. In fact, if I could go back in time, I probably wouldn’t have gotten any tattoos. But, I’m at least glad that this particular tattoo holds a pretty significant meaning.

Make that two significant meanings.

Picture 126

The first reason for getting this tattoo is part of why I love bows in general. You see, as a child, I sincerely did not want to grow up. Thinking about growing up and leaving my parents was one of the most depressing things to imagine.

Thankfully I’ve grown out of that, but now bows symbolize that youth that I forever want to hold on to. No matter how old I get, I want to always have that joy, spontaneity, and purity that I had as a child. So, in addition to it just being cute and girly, that’s why I initially chose a bow for my wrist tattoo.

The second meaning that my bow tattoo holds is one that came along over a year after getting it. Ever since I first got the tattoo, people would ask if it was the breast cancer ribbon. I always answered “no” with a tinge of annoyance that they couldn’t see the clear difference between the ribbon and my bow tattoo.

I never realized that there would soon be a day where I would answer – well yes, sort of.

In 2007, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. If you’re a regular reader of GML, you know that my mom is my absolute best friend, so clearly this wasn’t the best of news. Thankfully she is fully recovered and in remission.

Although I’ll never forget how thankful I am that my mom beat cancer, my tattoo serves as that constant reminder. Now when people ask if my tattoo is a symbolic of breast cancer, I feel blessed to share the news that momma G is alive and well. Oh, and the fact that I may or may not have a mild case of failure to launch.


So there you have it. My beauty/fashion/symbolic-of-something-bigger obsession.

What’s yours?


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    beautiful post, I loved learning more abotu you and so happy that your mom is okay. Like you, my mom is my absolute #1 best friend, so i can only imagine. I would say I don’t really have any crazy fashion obsession, but I do love bright colors, like NEON bright. I love wearing something boring but then letting a little pop of bright color come through!

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    I love your tattoo, I think it’s so original and very cute 🙂 I have one as well and I don’t regret it at all.. I’ve had it for 8 years and I want 3 more that I have all planned out lol. I don’t know if I have one single fashion “must” but I do know my style which isn’t a lot of color. I LOVE grays, blacks, browns, and then dressing all that up with cute accessories and shoes.

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    What a beautiful post. I think that is so AWESOME that you did that for your mom. How lucky she is to have such a wonderful daughter and how lucky you are to have such a wonderful relationship! =)

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    i went through a phase of being obsessed with anything star-shaped…which is why i have a start tattoo on my wrist! ha! too bad mine has no meaning…maybe one day it will. i love that your bow turned out to have a second meaning. very cool story.

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    So cute!! I love the bow headband (my coworker next to me has a similar one on today but it’s white. So cute!) I’d say my obsession is purple… I LOVE anything and everything purple 🙂

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    Oh, Gracie, I love this post! I’m not a tattoo lover, but I have to say, I think your bow tattoos are CUTE!

    What an immense blessing from God that your mama beat breast cancer! That is truly wonderful and I think it’s amazing that your bows have added meaning to them. Also, when you were talking about why you loved bows and that “joy, spontaneity, and purity that I had as a child”, it gave me chills! I, too, want that out of life. Not only to be a child of God, but to be, in many aspects child-like…seeing the goodness in life and a pure heart.

    Love it! Have a beautiful day and weekend! 🙂

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    I love your tattoo! It’s different. I wish I would’ve gotten something different on my back (I got the cliche Japanese symbol on my shoulder blade!) I forget it’s even there until someone sees it and asks what it means.
    And I’m glad your mom is doing ok! 😉

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    I love your bows! And I love all the meaning they represent to you. I love birds. They are my favorite. I have a pretty bird tattoo on my lower back that I designed last March. 🙂

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    Aww thats sooo cute!! I love the black and white picture of you looking down.
    I love the meaning of that for you.
    I think mine would be hearts. or the number 44. It is my favorite number since 4th grade and has been extremely lucky for me. Its kind of scary. haha

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    What a beautiful story – hooray for your mom!!!

    I have a wrist tattoo as well, which is of the word give. It means so much to me… far too much to leave as a comment 🙂 I’m sure you don’t want to read a book here… but I love my tattoo and everything it stands for. I am so happy I got it and smile each time I look down at it. I probably won’t get any additional tattoos, but I’ve learned to never say never… haha!

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    I’m not exactly a bow girl, but I adore your tattoos and the meaning behind them. I’m sure every time you look at them you think of how blessed and strong you and your family are.

    My little obsession is elephants. It started when I was really young– I received a gold necklace with an elephant charm on it. Since then, I’ve loved any jewelry with a little elephant on it. I’m also obsessed with Scorpio medallion gold necklaces. I get so excited when I find them!

    Have a fab weekend!

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    Bows? Oh girl, I’m a little bit obsessed with hair ribbons. They just complete things…You know?

    It’s so strange and ironic that the pink ribbon means something for you now. But I guess sometimes there are battles we don’t know we’re meant to be fighting until we’re in them.

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    wow i love the meaning of your tattoos! i think tattoos are so special when they have a very personal meaning to them, like yours do. i am thinking about getting one on my left wrist as a reminder to myself of a struggle i have gone through but am not sure i have the guts to deal with the permanence of the tattoo!

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    Woah….I’ve never met anyone who loves bows as much as me. Obviously by the title of my blog you can tell that I have a slight obsession with them!! They’re awesome. I love your tattoo, by the way 🙂


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