SBC: favorite fashion trends right now.

Another day, another chance to swoon over my imaginary wardrobe.

I love it when the weather gets a bit cooler because there are more opportunities to experiment with fun styles and trends. As much as I love the summer, you can only do so much when the weather is too hot to wear more than jeans and a tank top!

Here are some of my favorite fashion trends right now for girls AND guys.


distressed black skinnies. I actually made a pair of these for myself the other day. All I did was take an old pair of H&M black skinny jeans and make a small slit with scissors where my knees bend, then I tore it all the way across.

distressed black skinnies


chunky heels. So obnoxious, so fab. I’ve seen a ton of closed-toe ones coming out for fall too.

chunky heels


off the shoulders. Such a pretty feminine look while still looking effortless and embracing the boho style.

off the shoulders


oversized blazers. Speaking of effortless, I love the look of oversized blazers. Not to mention the comfort factor.

oversized blazers


faux fur. Always a classic, chic look. I don’t see faux fur going away any time soon.

faux fur


pom pom perfection. I know this is a little obnoxious, but it’s just so cute! And looks so cozy for when the weather gets cold.

pom pom cardigan


denim on denim. The Canadian tuxedo is back in action, y’all. Pair with some heels to take it from a casual look to the next level.

denim on denim


white on white. Yes, even after Labor Day.

white on white



And for the fellas…


more denim on denim. Don’t be afraid to mix denims!

denim on denim


blazers. A man in a blazer is always a DO.



snapbacks. Except this one doesn’t have the snaps, but you get my point. Flat rim!



utility/military coats

f1385b68a60faa92174311f042f6c149 tumblr_mwhb4krgoR1s6md8go1_500



Your turn! What are some of your favorite fashion trends right now?
Which of these do you like (or dislike)?


This post was originally written by Gracie Gordon who blogs at Girl Meets Life.  She can also be found on Twitter and Instagram at @alagracie.


    • says

      hahaha i hear ya – the ones in that pic are definitely insane chunk 😛 i have a pair of black ones that are much less intense and I love ’em!

  1. says

    black cuffed skinnies, brown belt, black oversized tank, tucked: that’s pretty much my day to day uniform since it’s still warm. easy and chic and pairs perfectly with a scarf/blazer for the evening. love.

  2. says

    yes to distressed black skinnies, white on white, denim on denim, and snapbacks (i lived in those things all summer and plan to continue that into the fall — can’t stop won’t stop). not into faux fur or chunky heels, but the oversized blazers could be cool.


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