…AKA, mostly photos of what I ate.

I like taking pictures of food, what can I say?

Avocado Toast

That would be avocado toast – the prime example that simple can be oh so better.

Also on the food front – delicious seafood apps from The Mermaid Inn. Rachel and I (late) lunched on these before proceeding to order a second serving of all of them.

Fish tacos:

Mini Fish Tacos

Fried oysters:

Fried Oysters

Shrimp corndogs:

Shrimp Corndogs

Lastly (and also seafood-y) – some new sushi favorites – Shrimp + Mango + Avocado Roll and Sweet Potato Tempura Roll.

Shrimp + Mango + Avocado Roll and Sweet Potato Tempura Roll

Other than eating, my weekend was spent adventure-ing around the city, and only having this one photo to show for it. Apparently “Manhattanedge” was all the rage last week.



Oh, and I finally played Cards Against Humanity for the first time, by way of some strangers/new friends Rachel and I made on Saturday. So raunchy but soo entertaining.

Cards Against Humanity

Last but not least, if you follow Speakable you may have noticed I’m trying to get a bit more creative with imagery.


I think it really helps to see the necklaces actually on people, don’t you?

Hello June



What’s the best thing you’ve eaten lately? Any other avocado toast freaks lovers?


  1. Alex K. says

    I love toast with avocado! Especially sprinkled with a little sea salt. You got me hooked on the avocado and egg sandwich. I eat them more often than I probably should!

  2. says

    I eat toast with avocado + eggs almost every day for breakfast! Simplicity really is the best, especially when it comes to food. Although that sushi and those oysters…gimme!

    I totally missed Manhattanhenge but apparently it comes back in July again. So maybe I’ll see it then 🙂

    Happy Tuesday gorgeous!

  3. says

    I looooove avocado toast! I haven’t had it in some time due to my gluten intolerance, but I’ve made some homemade gluten-free bread, so it might be time to reintroduce it!

  4. says

    I take photos of my food all the time and sometimes don’t even share them with anyone… it must be habit for the days where I want to post on Instagram! Best thing I’ve eaten?! Probably would have to be a grilled dinner awhile back at my boyfriend’s parent’s! It was ribs + squash + potatoes + zucchini + salmon on the grilled + a light salad! I could definitely repeat that meal soon!

  5. says

    Shrimp corn dogs are the weirdest, yet most brilliant combo ever! I was up in NYC last week, so the best thing I have eaten lately was probably everything I ate there. Thank goodness I don’t live in NYC or else I’d probably be a few sizes bigger ; )

  6. says

    Shrimp corn dogs?! That sounds amazing! I was just at a festival and had a grilled cheese donut from Tom & Chee–glazed donut sliced in half and flipped with cheddar cheese grilled in between. SO, SO good!

  7. says

    Oh, how I wish I liked avocados and they didn’t make my tongue itchy. Seriously. So annoying.

    I love Cards Against Humanity! Whenever my friends and I have been drinking that game always seems to appear somehow.

  8. Anna says

    I love avocado! It is not o lyrics good on toast with eggs but also in green smoothies with frozen banana and spinach… it’s like ice cream for the morning!

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