ALL CAPS necessary.

If you’ve ever wondered why I love makeup so much, it’s because MY FACE DISAPPEARS WITHOUT IT.


Yesterday I made the dumb decision to go to the specialty food store when I didn’t really need anything. I proceeded to make the dumb decision of spending $10 on wraps.

I’m sorry, wrawps.

Wrawp Raw Vegan Flat Bread

Now the problem I’m left with is that I LOVE THESE THINGS and will now most likely spend $10 on wraps wrawps every week.

Damn you, raw vegan geniuses.

Wrawp Raw Vegan Flat Bread

By the way, despite loving those flat breads I’m neither raw nor vegan…because a life without THE MEATBALL SHOP is no life at all.

Such a fun night with my small group. These girls are top notch.

Sometimes when I watch Mad Men, I get so bored, yet I can’t stop watching it.

I blame…DON DRAPER. I hate to love him.

Don Draper

HIS ways, HIS paths. ‘Nuff said.

Micah 4:2


What in your life right now is ALL CAPS necessary?

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