why i’m pro-selfie.

There seems to be a lot of talk about SELFIES these days. And when I say talk, I mean mostly…hate.

Don’t get me wrong – I understand the backlash against selfies. They can be inappropriate, come across as narcissistic, and be just plain awkward.

Mona Lisa Selfie

cat selfie

But for the seemingly harmless ones, why is there all of the sudden this liberty to shamelessly hate on selfie takers? What is it about selfies that makes people so damn angry?

Here’s why I don’t just mind selfies – I’m PRO selfie.

1. I wanna see yo’ face!

….plain and simple. I personally love seeing people’s faces rather than just their statuses, tweets, etc. Being able to visually connect with someone adds a relatability factor that nothing else can. And when I see someone’s selfie, I don’t think “wow, how narcissistic” – I want to encourage them for OWNING who they are.

Leah Guaglione

Jessi Green

(my friends Leah and Jessi – aren’t they beauts?)

2. in today’s age of social media, isn’t everything a “selfie?”

Think about it – every status, tweet, or Instagram is posted on your discretion – you get to decide what the world does or doesn’t see/learn about you. So in that sense, couldn’t the argument be made that every aspect of social media is just as narcissistic/self-serving as selfies? Sure, selfies are more in your face (literally), but  I just think it’s lame for people who are on social media themselves to hate on selfies when they’re engaging in a form of “narcissism” too.

3. why care so much?

The act of dissing other people in any capacity is worse than the selfies themselves, in my opinion. I’d rather not take myself so seriously and post selfies than become pompous about something so frivolous.

I get it – social media has revealed a lot about society and culture that isn’t so pretty – the whole issue of narcissism probably being the main thing. But at the same time, this is the world we live in today. Instead of allowing it to affect us negatively, I think we should embrace social media as an opportunity to all have a voice and a story to share, and encourage each other in that.

So do me a favor – go ahead and find your angle, rock your best subtle duck face, and TAKE THAT SELFIE.


What do you think? Are you pro or anti selfie?

12 comments to why i’m pro-selfie.

  • Amen, sister! I’ve been thinking a lot about this same thing recently. I understand the social issues that have crept up with young people–girls in particular–and social media, but that’s just where education on the matter comes into play. It seems like social media gets the stink eye all of the time yet it can be used for SO much positive. I’ll keep on, keepin’ on with my selfies! :)

  • Whatever man, I LOVE a good selfie. Old people are just mad cause they didn’t think of it first! Also, your friends are SO pretty!

  • Alex K.

    Great post Gracie! I can never get my selfies to look good so I never post them, but I’m certainly pro-selfie :) !!!! You always look great when you do them! You should do a follow up post on how to take a good selfie!

  • Pro selfie, all the way!

  • I’m pro-selfies, if done right and not too much. We all have those friends that post a selfie everyday of their life. That’s a bit much. But the occasional selfie? Go for it!

  • Dana

    In truth I’m not really pro-selfie (I don’t actually need a “happy thursday!” pic of you while driving your car…) but that’s what the “hide” button on facebook is for. I don’t feel a need to hate on it.

  • pro-selfie for the most part, until they become inappropriate or overly self-promotional. i like funny-faced selfies a lot. :)

  • I agree! I’m pro-selfie (obviously as long as it’s not disrespectful in a situation). I love seeing my family and friends’ selfies and I know they like seeing mine because they’ve told me so (my parents and siblings especially and they are the only people’s opinions that I really care about anyway). It’s especially nice when you don’t live in the same vicinity.

    I also think it’s fun to take photos in general and why not take photos of yourself? You are the best subject to try photo/filter techniques on because you are always around yourself! If you don’t like someone’s selfies, you shouldn’t follow them on social media anyway… because honestly why would would you be following someone if you didn’t want to see their selfies in the first place…

    Plus we were all taking selfies back in the days of disposable cameras! Don’t lie ;-) #kodakthrowback

  • Jc

    PRO-SELFIE! if and only if it isn’t too much and if it’s done right. :)

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