thankful thursday.

Today I’m thankful for…

^ Those things. ^

The start of my birthday week, which I wasn’t even expecting!

(My actual birthday is the 18th :))

birthday cake

Longer days, and other glorious glimpses of spring.

Becoming free from things I didn’t even know I needed freedom from.

When people like to verbally process a good meal as much as I do.

Early birthday presents manis.

gel manicure

How much I’ve grown and learned since this time last year.

The things I had to experience for that growth to happen.

Shark Tank, Buying the Bayou, and other reality TV shows that don’t completely deplete my brain cells.

Being able to remember a really great dream.

The giddiness of an upcoming weekend. Never gets old.


What are you thankful for today?

12 comments to thankful thursday.

  • I’m thankful that I have the ability to see my family weekly, and keep in touch with them so easily :) I am so thankful my sister is my best friend, and I have a great relationship with my parents.
    AND I’m very thankful for dark chocolate. Oh yes.

    Happy early Birthday!

  • Coffee and having a quiet month before a busy, busy one.

  • Alexandra Good

    Hey Gracie! So it turns out that I will be attending Hunter College (fall 2014). I am SO excited because my dream of living in NYC is FINALLY coming true! Its gonna be a big move from North Carolina to New York but I know that I can do it. I would love to join a church to stay in touch with God and possibly meet lots of new friends. I am very interested in attending Liberty Church :) it seems like such an open, warm environment that I hope to join when I move to NYC in august :)

  • Thankful for…

    Frank Underwood’s accent.
    My amazing, fair boss.

  • Hey happy early birthday!! I’m sure your friends have something great planned for you :)

    I’m thankful for recently obtaining my dream job and getting keys to my new apartment in Hong Kong tomorrow! Big day.

    Super cute blue mani!!

  • Yay, happy birthday! Mine is the 19th. And LOVE sharktank! :)

    I’m thankgul for AirBnb and a birthday trip to the city next weekend, with my best friends and BFF, whose birthday is on the 26th.

  • I love that nail color AND happy birthday week! It’s 17 days till mine, and I’m already soooo excited ha! Birthdays are the best!

  • That’s one gorgeous cake!

    I’m thankful for my day off! The prof was sick, so she sent out an e-mail for the cancellation and I got a few extra hours of sleep in. I’m also thankful for my morning coffee and cheesy talk shows that I’ll be watching all morning :)

  • Alex K.

    Thankful for…
    Happy moments, reality TV and having sick time available at work.

    Happy bday!!

  • Today I’m thankful to have the day off – even though it is a sick day. I’ll take what I can get!

  • Eliza

    Sunshine (Even if it’s cold here in Philly) White Chocolate. Coffee with cream. Being almost done with nursing school!

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