Let’s just put this out on the table. I kind of hate myself for how obnoxious my new phone cover is.

My “closet” is slowly but surely starting to look a bit more spring-like too.

The norm.

I could get the (create your own) market vegetable plate from Westville every single day.

Westville NYC Market Vegetable Plate

I spent Saturday at my church’s first ever Relationship Seminar. It was a great day! And St. Paul’s German Church is just so beautiful (we don’t meet there on Sundays, just for special events).

St. Paul's German Church NYC

We rushed over to Elmo for a quick lunch. I turkey burger-ed it.

Elmo turkey burger

On Saturday night we went to my friend Martina’s birthday party. Having a party in an NYC apartment isn’t an easy task, but she nailed it.


Loved this idea – pour champagne into glasses filled with a bit of cotton candy. How cute!

Last but not least, today’s daily devotionals were oh so good…

Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith

Jesus Calling

(First one from Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith, second from Jesus Calling)


What has been a highlight of your weekend so far?
Have you started switching over to a more spring-like wardrobe yet?

5 comments to snapshots.

  • While there’s certainly quite a bit going on on your phone case, I really love it! The champagne with cotton candy is really a cute idea! This weekend I’ve had a little more time to read, which hasn’t been the case much since January, so I’ve soaked it up!

  • Love your case, it’s very you! My next case is gonna be one of those big 3D phone cases, a hello kitty one that I saw a lot of my campers had last summer.

  • I am so excited for warmer weather and spring clothes! Shorts, dresses, sandals.. I love them all!

  • Cotton candy champagne?! That is absolutely brilliant! I’ll definitely be incorporating that into the next event I help plan.

    And I actually love your [slightly] obnoxious phone case– it’s adorable!

  • Carrie

    We do the cotton candy trick in sprite for the kids too, they think it’s awesome! and you can use any color you can find! :) Beware the yellow cotton candy though, unless you REALLY like, um, less than natural banana flavor.

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