My PA office is the best! They surprised me with an early birthday celebration earlier this week.

office party

…complete with this fun and unique (massive) card. I felt so loved!

big birthday post card

Typical blogger food pic…on the floor.

apple slices, almond butter toast, green smoothie

7am dentist appointments are a bit less dreadful when there’s this sunrise view.

NYC skyline

Who knew shuffle board was so much fun?

shuffle board Fat Cat NYC

On Thursday Jessi hosted an event with Glamour and Bebe. So much fun!

Jessi Green Glambassador

One day I’ll learn how to NOT DO THIS.

Meet my ultimate frenemy, the StairMaster.


BRB, lemme take a selfie.

Can’t forget the #usqselfie.

If you’re in New York and want to join me for church tomorrow, email me at gracie(at)girlmeetslife(dot)com 🙂


What was the highlight of the past week for you?


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