my new tattoo.

Tattoo #5 – check.

Jesus finger tattoo

On Tuesday Rachel and I headed over to Inborn Tattoo in LES to get (slightly) matching finger tattoos. I’ve been wanting to get a new tattoo for 2 years now, but on Sunday we got chatting about actually making it happen. Less than 48 hours later…

finger tattoos

Inborn is definitely the best tattoo shop I’ve been to in New York. We were referred to our artist JonBoy by a friend, and I couldn’t recommend him more!

Inborn Tattoo NYC

Not only is their work some of the best I’ve ever seen, but the shop itself is clean, professional, and welcoming.

If you’re into the tattoo sort of thing 😉

Inborn Tattoo NYC

Inborn Tattoo NYC

Inborn Tattoo NYC

JonBoy Inborn Tattoo NYC

I’ve already gotten a ton of questions and comments about why I chose to have “Jesus” written on my finger. I actually went back and forth for a while deciding between some of my favorite words, verses, symbols, etc. before realizing that the meaning behind them always pointed back to…Jesus! And I couldn’t get that off my mind.

If I’m being fully honest, the only thing holding me back was the fact that it’s quite the bold statement to put smack dab on my hand. It’s something that might make some people feel uncomfortable, or at least curious. Like I said, it’s already gotten many interesting reactions from people I meet in public and brings up questions/comments, and…well, that’s sort of what I’m going for.

Bottom line – JESUS is the word/name I want to look down and see every day. Without JESUS I would be a mess of a human being, to say the least. JESUS is alive, and He’s…everything.

Jesus finger tattoo

Do you have any tattoos? If not, do you want any?


  1. says

    I have flowers on my foot (got when I was 17, ha), a bow on my wrist, “joy unspeakable” on the back of my neck, and some (secret) text on my hip 🙂

  2. says

    so i don’t have any yet…and i’ve been saying that since i was 18. i have 3-4 i’ve been dancing around for years…maybe soon. 🙂 yours looks great. love how it’s such a speaking point for you, as it represents the most impt thing in your life. we’re so bold to talk freely about fads and trends and anything we crush on, yet it can be hard sometimes to be that bold to talk about the most impt thing in our lives. totally commend you for stepping out in that boldness and living out your faith.

  3. says

    That is awesome! A friend in my bible study has “tetelestai” (It is finished) on her inner wrist as a reminder that no matter our struggles, Jesus has already taken care of it all, and we are redeemed in Him! I like the faith-themed tattoos :)!

  4. says

    I have 2 tattoos. The first one I got was Love on my right foot, because nothing can separate us from the love of God. And hephzibah on my left wrist which means my delight. I used to cut so i have that tattoo right under my scars so no longer am I defined by those scars I am forever called His Delight. I feel that a tattoo should be something that is meaningful and that will remain true and meaningful forever since that’s how long a tattoo will last.

  5. says

    All my tattoos are very memorable the first my mom and I got matching its our birth years and my dads birth years in hearts. I got a tattoo with dolphins in memory of two of my friends who passed away. I got a treble and bass cleft on my wrist because I’m a musician and lastly I got a tattoo of the band Iron Maiden’s Eddie playing bass. It is one of my favorite bands I grew up on and reminds me of my daddy!

  6. Kelly says

    Hi Gracie!
    I have been following your blog for a while now and absolutely love it. I am from a small town in VA but my heart has always been in NYC. 🙂 Just wanted to say I love your new tattoo. I, also have Jesus on my wrist and love to be asked about it. That is what it’s all about right? Bringing the light into the world for others to know…:) I love everything you blog about and look forward to seeing it daily!

    • says

      Hey Kelly! thanks so much for this comment and your kind words 🙂 love that we share (almost) the same tattoo and for the encouragement! xoxo

  7. Kelly says

    You are so very welcome! When, (not if) I finally make my dream of NYC happen, I would love to meet up with a fellow Jesus lover in that great city to make the welcome to NYC official! 🙂 Possibly even get a church recommendation from you at that time. Have a wonderful day!:)

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    I’ve been thinking about getting my tattoo for over a year now and have had the image of it as my phone wallpaper the entire time. I told myself that if I still loved it a year later, I’d get it. And here we are! I’m hoping it will happen soon. (:

    Love this, by the way. So beautiful and inspiring. xo

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    2 tattoos and craving more! I have a peacock feather on my left foot and the word Sisu on my arm in a henna color. =) I’d love to get a shoulder piece, but I’m sure my next one will be small + meaningful! I love the simplicity of yours!

  10. says

    Very nice and Love this tattoos i m from honk Kong so here we have lots of design in tattoo and very interesting blog for girl meet life i`m also very fun loving girl want to enjoy the my life and i make my own rules here.

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