#LEAN14: more from juice press.

Last week I posted about some of my favorite new raw foods from Juice Press, and this week they were kind enough to send me some samples of there newest treats to give a try!

Juice Press

I opened the bag to find Liquid Gold cold-pressed juice, Vital Force Very Berry smoothie, and their raw Mango Chia.

Juice Press

I had really been wanting to try their new Liquid Gold juice (since I love its “cousin” The Remedy). It includes anti-inflammatory properties from turmeric and ginger, which helps relieve muscle tension. It’s also full of vitamin C.

formula: orange juice, turmeric juice (filtered water, turmeric root), pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, carrot juice, ginger juice, lime juice, celtic sea salt.

taste: loved it! It’s really refreshing, with the perfect amount of kick from the ginger.

Juice Press Liquid Gold and Vital Force Very Berry

Next up is the Vital Force Very Berry Smoothie. It’s a vegan probiotic yogurt packed with antioxidants from the blend of strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and goji. Vegan probiotic supports the healthy bacteria in your digestive system and maca gives you an energy boost.

formula: almond milk (water, almonds, coconut oil, vanilla, sea salt), bananas, filtered water, strawberries, soaked cashews, blueberries, raspberries, dates, lime juice, goji berries, probiotics, maca powder, sea salt.

taste: I loved this one as well! I wasn’t sure what I’d think about it being a smoothie in a bottle, but it was really delicious. It was just like a thick, strawberry yogurt – it could almost pass as a milkshake-like dessert!

Juice Press Liquid Gold and Vital Force Very Berry

Last up was the Mango Chia pudding. According to their website, Juice Press took their classic chia seed pudding and added vegan probiotics and the sweet and tangy flavors of mango to make this snack even more nutritious. By using sprouted almonds and chia seeds as the base, it’s a pudding that supports healthy bacteria in the digestive system and is rich in protein, fiber, omega 3’s and calcium.

ingredients: mango, almond milk (water, almonds, coconut oil, vanilla, sea salt), soaked chia seeds (water, chia seeds), deglet noor dates, coconut oil, vegan probiotic, cinnamon, vanilla, sea salt, almond extract.

taste: I must admit that I was skeptical about this because I made chia pudding in the past and didn’t love it. But, clearly I was doing it all wrong. This chia pudding was smooth and creamy (not watery/gooey like mine was) and it had a perfect sweet flavor from the mango. Definitely great for a morning or afternoon snack.

Juice Press Mango Chia Pudding

Which Juice Press juice and/or food would you want to try most?
Have you ever had chia pudding? Are you a fan?


  1. says

    Liquid gold … the ingredients and the name … I’m sold!

    And actually I just made chia pudding the other day with a local juicery’s raw coconut milk. They have cinnamon in the milk, so when mixed with soaked chia seeds it literally tasted like cinnamon toast crunch. It was super smooth and creamy too. I’m hooked!

  2. Courtney O says

    Tired of every other post being sponsored or reviews of free samples! Everyone has to make a living but it’s not fun to read anymore.

    • says

      Hey Courtney! I definitely hear you about the sponsored posts, and am cutting back on them (I let another reader know earlier this week that honestly, the reason for the increase was to bounce back from my recent move, no shame in admitting it).

      As for getting free samples, I’ve always been pretty strict about that. I turn down at least a dozen offers a week because I would never purchase them otherwise. With that being said, product reviews have always been something I enjoy blogging about. However I never review anything that I would truly want to try myself, and most of the time it’s things that I’ve already been a regular consumer of (including Juice Press, somewhere I’ve been a “regular” for over a year). For me, receiving free samples is more for blog content and less for just getting freebies.

      Last thing – I always disclose when I’ve gotten something for free. So when I promote products that don’t say that (which is pretty often), it’s just things I love and found myself.

      Hope that helps explain where I’m coming from a bit. Thanks for your honesty, and will do my best to make GML fun for you to read again!

  3. says

    I would love to try some chia pudding!
    Also, I know everyone is not about it, but you’re a young 20-something trying to live in NYC- I don’t know if most people realize how hard that is! If people want to sponsor posts for you I think that’s awesome! Plus, you’ve turned me on to some awesome products, so I can’t complain 🙂

  4. says

    I’ve never managed to make chia pudding at home that I actually enjoyed but the ones I’ve ordered at vegan restaurants and juice bars have been phenomenal! I’m obviously doing something wrong…

    And I have to say that I whole-heartedly disagree with Courtney’s comment. You’re doing your job and your blog is still very, very fun to read. Keep it up, lovely.


  5. Nicole Wolf says

    I need to try this!! Where can I find it in NJ?? I’m so glad you posted the formula.. These juices really have an incredible blend of super foods! I could use these to get through my crazy 14hr days!

  6. says

    I always see these awesome products that I’d love to try, any ideas for healthy products, markets, or companies like these that I can order online or have mailed to me… Thanks and keep the health posts coming! Xo


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