it’s my birthday and i’ll blog if i want to.

I didn’t have a blog post planned for today because…well, it’s my birthday, and I gave myself the day off from planning. But I got that blogging bug! It’s part of who I am, what can I say?

So here are some random updates/thoughts swirling through my head on this March 18, 2014. Forgive me if it seems a bit scrambled (you technically have to, since it’s my birthday and all).

First of all, I feel the need to confess that I got my laundry AND my groceries delivered today, and not because it’s a “special” day. Even though it costs the same, it makes me feel pretentious.

My roombud Rachel left out gifts and a card for me last night so I had them to wake up to this morning. She’s the best! :)

My latest Huffington Post article was published yesterday. Read why I think asking/answering questions is better than giving/getting advice when it comes to dating and relationships – 10 Questions To Ask (And Keep Asking) In Dating Relationships.

It’s so so so so SO freeing not caring what other people think. I didn’t even realize I cared as much as I do (did). I’m still working on my people-pleasing tendencies, but I’m getting there!

I’m quite positive I’m addicted to my iPhone. Thinking I should work on that.

I want to start doing videos on GML. Whaddya think?

I refuse to call them “vlogs,” though. That word hurts my ears (and eyes).

Sometimes I wish I worked slower. I speed through everything, then end up doing more work throughout the day. Yes I’m productive, but sometimes it makes my brain hurt.

Whenever I worry about the future, I instantly look back at what God has already done in my life. He’s never failed and has only ever exceedingly blessed me.

Is it summer yet?

I should probably start looking into planning summer vacation(s).

Sometimes I think about writing a book, but the idea of it is way too overwhelming. That’s what blogs are for, right?

And sometimes I wish I was an E! News correspondent. Or maybe that girl that travels around the world partying. What’s that show called again?

I like crying. I really do. I don’t cry often, and it’s usually more out of joy than sorrow.

What can make me cry on a dime is thinking about how much I love my family and friends. Yep, I’m a sap.

Sometimes I entertain the thought of moving, but definitely not any time soon. I love my life in NYC.

My printer keeps making really weird noises but it’s not turned on…

Okay, it stopped.

I have a list in my iPad of my favorite movies. You know, just in case I forget.

I’m really excited to celebrate my birthday tonight!

I’m deliberating whether or not I’m actually going to publish this post, mostly because this was supposed to be “fun facts,” but it turned into straight up rambling…

Whatever. It’s my birthday ;)


Your turn! Give me a completely random thought/life update!

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