feather the nest.

Let’s be real – there’s nothing quite as awkward as asking people for money. No matter how close you might be to someone, it can be uncomfortable admitting that you might need some help in the area of finances.

If you’re in your twenties like me, you can probably relate to how the need for funds for things like moving, starting new endeavors, etc. can become more important than getting material gifts that we might never use.

That’s why I like the idea behind Feather the Nest – a new innovative company that allows members to make profiles on their online site to raise funds for specific goals, projects, or products members would like to obtain.

Feather the Nest

Personally, I would only use something like Feather the Nest either in a time of serious need and send only to my very close friends and family. I think it’s a really great option when needing the gift of money for a big move, a new baby on the way, or even a wedding to save up for.

Feather the Nest

I see a resource like Feather the Nest actually removing the awkwardness of asking for money because it makes it “official” and more honest. It requires that members complete a profile on the website that allows members to tell their story and set monetary goals that friends and family can donate and contribute to. It’s simple to join and simple to start raising the funds needed to achieve the goals you always wanted to achieve.

Learn more about Feather the Nest by visiting their Facebook page and Twitter.

disclosure: please note that I was compensated for this post. All opinions herein are my own.


Have you ever had to ask loved ones for money? Would you use a service like Feather the Nest?


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  4. Noelle says

    This sort of reminds me of a registry for a honeymoon, where guests can see what cash would be put towards. I can see how the giver would be feel gratitude for helping in that case,although a thank you card explaining where the money went is also important. I’m not sure if I can get on board for most people’s project on this site. They seem a bit frivolous and I think making a website asking for money is tacky.

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