a good hair day, every day {with suave gold-natural infusions}.

I know you’ve had them too…those days where your hair is just exactly how God intended it to be. Shiny and bouncy, but still with that hint of “oh, I just woke up like this!”

I’ve really found that the key to having a good hair day every day isn’t about your hair cut or how you style it – it’s more about the products you use to keep your hair as healthy as possible. I’ve recently tried Suave’s new line of Gold-Natural Infusions, and they really make my hair look and feel amazing.

Gracie Gordon

With natural-infused ingredients like moisturizing macadamia oil and spray, thickening awaphui ginger, Moroccan oil for shine and Keratin for smoothing - Suave® Gold Naturals can help you get the “Goodness” back in your hair to have a good hair day, every day.

Some of the new products include Awapuhi Natural Infusion, Macadamia Moroccan Infusion, Shine Keratin Infusion, Macadamia Spray Moroccan Infusion, and Moroccan Argan Styling Oil.

Suave Professionals & Walgreens

Suave® Gold-Natural Infusions is putting the goodness back into your hair so you look good, feel beautiful and radiate goodness outward into the world.

Suave and Walgreens want to help spread the goodness by providing fun and easy ways to pass it on so they are offering Buy $6 worth of Suave® Natural Infusion and get 2,000 balance reward points!

Suave Professionals & Walgreens

Disclosure: please note that I was compensated for this post. All opinions herein are my own.


What’s your #1 secret for having a good hair day?



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