Hi hiiii from Pennsylvania.

It’s cozy here.

Rewind to last week where my parents and I had lunch at Gotham West Market before leaving NYC. I loved this place.

Also something I loved – getting a ride home instead of taking the train. I felt like, really VIP.

I arrived to a very Christmas-y house with lots of decorations…

…and lots of treats. Thanks, dad’s clients.

I did my best to balance out the treats, though. Green smoothies to the rescue.

More glimpses from the past few days…

Skyline over the Philadelphia airport.

Sushi fix.

Intense morning coffee.

That house that always overdoes it.

A little visitor.

I <3 HIIT.

Morning walk/runs outside aren’t so bad either.

Don’t fear your weakness…

…embrace it.


What’s your favorite thing about being home for the holidays?

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