If you’re a regular reader of GML, you’ve probably seen me obsess over mention Seamless – an online resource for ordering food delivery in NYC. One of the only downsides (for me) when it comes to Seamless, though, is that – with so many food options at my fingertips – I’m not always one to make the healthiest of meal choices.

So when HealthyOut reached out to me and asked if I’d like to give their website/app a try, I was more than happy to. is a service that plans your meals for you (based on your preferences and restaurants nearby), and has them delivered right to your home or office. They work directly with restaurants to ensure your meals are customized to your goals. HealthyOut is also an app that allows you to find healthy restaurants/food nearby. How cool is that?

With HealthyOut, you can get an automated meal plan or choose them as you go. To get an idea of how it worked, they offered me three free meals. There were a ton of options to choose from! Like…

veggie sushi:

grilled veggies with rice and hummus:

grilled chicken buckwheat noodle salad:

HealthyOut is a great option for someone who is trying to eat healthy but doesn’t have the opportunity to cook at home a lot. It’s also great for those who want to make their lives even simpler by letting HealthyOut choose their meals for them. The delivery service is only available in NYC right now, but the mobile app works everywhere in the US.


Would you use a service like HealthyOut? How often do you order delivery for your meals?

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