girl meets: 12.19.13.


Why don’t I go to more concerts? I always have SO much fun! On Tuesday I saw John Mayer at Barclays Center, and it was awesome.

And yes, Katy Perry made an appearance :) Have I mentioned how much I love her?


Wednesday turned out to be an unexpected great-food-fest day. I’ll take it.

First up was lunch at Penelope. I can’t go there and not get some version of their amazing chicken meatballs, so I went with it in salad form.

Later that day my parents arrived for a short visit, so I met them for dinner at Nizza. I usually get their socca, but I switched it up and got Pasta Al Pesto – fettucce with a touch of cream, crescenza cheese & pesto (and gluten free!).

For dessert we went next door to Crepe Café Joli. I only had a few bites of this bad boy because it was rich. In the best possible way, clearly.


I was recently sent some new makeup products from Cargo Cosmetics to try out, and I must say it’s joining the ranks of my other favorite makeup brands.

First was their eye shadows, which came in adorable little tin containers. I also loved the shades – they were very natural and lightweight.

My favorite, though, was their TexasLiner Liquid Eye Liner. The tip was like a marker, which made for the easiest cat-eye application.


What was the last concert you went to?
Try any good new makeup products lately?

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