5 ways to accessorize your look this winter.

It’s getting a little chilly out there, isn’t it? You’ve probably pushed aside those summer clothes, organized the fall fashion, and are getting ready to change it up with your winter look. This is always the hardest season because you’re somewhat restricted since you’re so bundled up. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t look good even when it’s freezing cold outside. Here are some great ideas and suggestions for bringing out your unique style by way of accessorizing your look during the winter time.

1. find balance and symmetry

Go for a mirrored look between the left and right. Consider purchasing double of your accessories so you can create symmetry in your fashion. Try using a color picker tool to understand complementary colors, or do some homework into color harmonies. It’s subtle, but creating symmetry and a bit of balance is extremely pleasing to the eyes (since the human mind generally looks for these types of features in nature and with people). The key with color balance is making sure not to overdo it, as it can easily become too distracting.

2. go old school

Do it up like Macklemore and head on down to the thrift shop. You can find a ton of accessories for great prices – not to mention that vintage pieces are always “in.” Plus you don’t have to worry that you’re going to match every other girl when you’re out and about. You could probably even piece together a whole wardrobe for less than what you’d spend on a few pair of jeans at the mall. Going old school will definitely have you looking unique and keep that hard earned money in your purse.

3. show some color

Switch out those tired earrings for something new and colorful. Try matching your fashion choices with colored diamond earrings (hint, hint, a great Christmas gift) or mixing it up with a combination of antique and modern jewelry. Better yet – why not change up your hair color to match these accessories? It’s the winter and it’s almost New Year’s. Why not go ahead and start a new trend before the year begins? I’ve actually been considering a hair color change recently, but we’ll see…

4. find a love for scarves

There’s no denying that scarves are probably the fashion accessory when you’re all bundled up in a coat. Not only is a scarf practical, but it can be quite fashionable if you take some time to learn all the different ways to wear them. I’d suggest picking up a few different scarfs in various colors, and try out some of the different ways to wear them. And if you’re feeling DIY, maybe even pick up knitting and make one on your own – it’s a great way to pass the time when you’re snowed in.

5. bear it out

Hot blooded and able to stand the cold? Why not go against the grain and wear some of your summer clothes during the winter time? While everyone’s wearing browns and blacks you could be rocking the bright yellows and pinks. You’ll definitely stand out, but isn’t that goal when it comes to fashion and accessories? Throw in some of your summer jewelry or mix in a scarf and see what you can come up with…as long as you’re not too cold.



What’s your favorite way to accessorize your look during the winter?

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