cost approach, 14.

One subway ride to and cab ride back from LES: about $20.

A fun Tuesday celebrating two of my good friends’ birthdays: priceless.

My go-to breakfast lately: under $2.
(packet of regular oatmeal, ground flax, sliced banana, cinnamon, almond butter)

Having a healthier and cheaper breakfast than when I Seamless it: priceless.

One day off to get a gazillion errands done all over the city: only 6 hours.

Taking a break from the concrete craziness in one of my favorite city parks: priceless.

One new makeup product (review to come!) from Sephora: $28.

Treating myself to something I’ve wanted for weeks: priceless.

Finally trying Quest’s Peanut Butter Protein Cups: included in the sampler box they recently sent me.

The fact that they are delicious and include 20 grams of protein: priceless.

(full review to come on these as well!)

The new boat my dad bought for our shore house: none of yo’ business.

The fact that he named it “Neesie G” after my mom: priceless.

Accepting the invitation: a good dose of humility and surrender.

The fact that there even is an invitation: priceless.

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What is priceless to you lately? What’s your go-to breakfast right now?

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