baked plantain chips.

The other day I saw that plantains were on sale at the store, so I grabbed three of them.

The other day I also had zero idea what to do with those plantains.

So I did what my first response to just about any of life’s questions is…Google, of course. I found what seemed to be a really simple recipe for baked plantain chips, so I followed it for the most part.

Peel, slice, easy enough…

The only things I did differently from this recipe was a) I used just one plantain and b) I seasoned it with salt and cinnamon instead.

The result? Not bad…not bad at all!

I actually couldn’t believe that simply baking the slices for 15 minutes would result in a “chip,” but it really did! And it was the perfect afternoon snack.

Do you like plantains? Any other plantain recipes you suggest I try?

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