holidate with the roommate.

Last night Erica and I enjoyed a little night on the town consisting of two of my favorite things – dinner and shopping.

The weather has been abnormally warm, which doesn’t lend to a very “Christmas-y” feel, but it does make for a perfect night to walk around the city. We started out at Lievito in the West Village for a cozy meal of Italian tapas.

My favorite was the Fried Goat Cheese (thin sliced red wine poached pears, salty walnuts, honey). It was insanely delicious.

Although I was hesitant, Erica convinced me to try the Grilled Octopus (baby arugula, sauteed artichokes, orange oil). It was pretty good! A lot like calamari.

To round out the meal, Tuna and Avocado Tartare (served with thin sliced Brussel sprouts and paprika pine nuts salad, lemon dressing) and a small Margherita pizza.

We left with very happy and full tummies…but not full enough to enjoy some shopping, of course.

We started with some window shopping as we walked uptown.


…but then graduated to the real thing in West Elm, H&M, and and Anthropologie.

Erica was productive in getting Christmas presents for other people. I, however, only got something for myself. Fail.

The holidate ending by arriving home to a lovely Christmas tree in our building. How cute!

Do you prefer to shop alone or with others? Favorite place to go Christmas shopping?


  1. says

    oh yum.. delicious!
    lollll you crack me up: “I, however, only got something for myself. Fail.”
    i prefer to shop by myself when i’m getting presents for other people and i’m on a mission. otherwise, i prefer to shop with other people!

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