cost approach, 9.

A perfect FreelyBe holiday party: one ski lodge-themed venue and a group of our favorite people.

The embarrassment of later finding out I was socializing with a head covered in fake snow: priceless.

One commute to Pennsylvania: a train ticket, good music, and some boredom selfies.

The flexibility of being able to work remotely for my dad’s company: priceless.

A cozy decorated office and insane holiday food spread: a happy heart and full stomach.

Having a  “work day” of spending (much missed) time with my office family: priceless.

One girls’ dinner out: about five Cobb Salads from Elmo.

Getting to know the lovely miss Madi for the past year before she moves back to New Zealand on Friday: priceless.

What has been priceless to you over this holiday season?


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      Yes ma’am! Some of my other favorite songs that are similar(ish):

      “Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)” – Flight Facilities
      “A Real Hero” – College (feat Electric Youth)
      “She Makes Me Feel” – Mansions On The Moon
      “Turn it Down (Le Castle Vania Remix)” – Kaskade & Rebecca & Fiona
      “Nightcall (feat Lovefoxxx)” – Kavinsky
      “I Don’t Feel It Anymore (George Raquet Remix)” – William Fitzsimmons
      “So This is Goodbye (Pink Ganter Remix)” – William Fitzsimmons

      Hope you like ’em! 🙂

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    Looks like you are having a seriously lovely holiday season! So far what’s been priceless to me over this holiday season has been my parents who are completely willing to listen to me freak out about winter weather and the new, beautiful decorations I’m seeing around Italy. 🙂

  2. Rebecca says

    Hi Gracie! I’m a regular reader but usually don’t comment – I am now to ask if you’d consider doing a music recommendation post every now and then. I end up downloading every song you ever include in a post!!

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Sara says

    Hey! I’m also a regular reader (love your blog!) and never commented before but I have to ask what lipstick/shade you’re wearing in the first pic. It’s such a gorgeous color! I’m always looking for that perfect shade of red.

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      Hey Sara! Glad you asked. It’s my roommate’s lipstick + gloss. The lipstick is Nars Pure Matte Lipstick, “Volga” and the gloss is Nars “Rouge Tribal.” The color was actually a lot deeper than it appears in the photo – it’s more of a deep maroon than red, but I really loved it and got a lot of compliments on it!

      Have a great day girl 🙂

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    Hey Gracie!
    You caught my attention when you mentioned that you friend was moving back to New Zealand
    I am originally from LA but have been living in NZ for the past 7 years.
    Where in NZ does your friend live? Would be cool to link up and trade some thoughts. Been following your blog for a couples years now.. Let me know if you speak to her.
    By the way NZ loves all your cake batter recipes 🙂

    • says

      Oh, no way! I actually have no idea what part of NZ she lives in :/ let me ask her!

      And yay – so good to know you love my recipes! Thanks for the sweet comment 🙂

  5. Natalie says

    Yes, Please find out. See if she would be keen to catch up. We can do brunch, New York Styles, you should totally come visit us!!! New Zealand is amazing 🙂

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