a gml week in review.

Even though a lot of what I post here on GML recaps what’s going on in my life, most of it does in fact slip through the cracks.

…like on Monday, how I spent the evening mourning the loss of one of the great television series of our time, Gossip Girl.

I won’t spoil the ending for you but…it’s good.

Tuesday was actually when I made that huge batch of cookies for our doormen. In return for doing all the baking, Erica made me quite the delicious dinner: brie and blackberry jam grilled cheese, tomato soup, and salad. I’d say it was an even trade.

On Wednesday I wrapped up some Christmas shopping and somehow ended up walking what must’ve been 4 miles. Jessi met up with me toward the end for what turned out to be my very first walk on the highline.

Then on Wednesday night a group of us went out to dinner at Eatery for Kim’s birthday, followed by a stop at Hudson Lodge.

Yesterday – Thursday – Jessi and  I co-hosted a party at BOW with our lovely friends Vikas, Vishal, Gabrielle and Abigail. the party was  originally supposed to be on Halloween but got canceled due to Sandy, but last night more than made up for it.

Did i mention that Vikas also happens to be like, the best DJ ever? Because he is. And did I mention how much I love my friends? Because I doooo.

I guess that leaves us here on Friday. I’m very proud to say I managed to wake up super early and snag a 7am train to Pennsylvania.

It’s all about priorities, people.

…and to me that meant a hair appointment so I could have fresh locks for the holidays. See? Priorities.

Tell me something fun/boring/strange about your week so far!


  1. says

    Sounds like a super fun and packed week! That dinner looks delicious and the walk on the high line is perfect for a nyc holiday.

    The highlight of my week so far has been coming home from Italy! With a thirteen hour plane ride and an unscheduled stop in London…it was an interesting week but I’m glad to be in full Christmas mode now. Merry Christmas!

  2. Annie says

    The highline! I went to NYC on Halloween weekend (great timing, I know). We stumbled upon the highline while walking around the Meat Packing District. Definitely a highlight of our trip! I wasn’t sure what it was called.

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