what i’m loving right now {+ lipstick tips}.

Delicate Raymond nameplate necklace.
I randomly stumbled upon Delicate Raymond’s new Lower East Side location a couple of weeks ago, and I found the necklace I’ve been searching for for months (after my other favorite bow necklace). The necklace just happened to be on sale for 50% off! I picked it up a week later because it had to be engraved. And the best part? Now no one can get away with calling me “Tracey” or “Stacey” anymore 😉

Hugrz boot wraps.
Anyone that knows me knows that from late October until the first signs of spring, I pretty much live in boots. Although I’ve accumulated quite the collection over the years, Hugrz is a great way to switch up my favorite boot styles even more. They were kind enough to send me a pair of their Flame Knit boot wraps. How cute and cozy are these?

colorful meals.
When I’m not eating a frozen meal (what?? I love them) I like to get a bit “artistic “with my meals. Supposedly we eat with our eyes first…not to mention more colors usually means more fruits and vegetables. Take yesterday’s breakfast, which was quite the beauty if you ask me. Eggs with spinach and cheese, a blackberry jam-topped English muffin, and sweet potatoes with some ketchup.

bold lips.
I’ve always had a love for bold lip colors, but up until recently I’ve never mustered up the courage to actually rock them myself. Slowly but surely, though, I’ve taken the leap (much thanks to Pinterest inspiration, actually).

Some of my tips for wearing bolder lips:

1) Take your eye makeup down a notch so the attention is on your great lip color rather than looking like you’re wearing too much makeup.

2) Instead of applying a thick layer of lipstick, apply it lightly then blend in with a clear chap stick. Bring the chap stick with you to maintain an even shade throughout the day/night.

3) Make sure the lip shade compliments the colors of your outfit. I tend to prefer a bold lip color when I’m wearing a less-than-bold outfit to avoid the “way too much going on” look.

What’s your favorite lip color? What else are you loving right now?



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