the fat radish.

On Saturday Jessi, Mady and I headed to the Lower East Side for brunch at The Fat Radish. I’ve heard great things about The Fat Radish for a while now, so I was excited to try it  for myself.

Upon first walking in I instantly loved the cozy and rustic vibe – beach-like, almost.

Then I took a look at the brunch menu and was pleased to see it all fit on one page. From my experience, the shorter the menu = the better the food.

I was right.

We started with French press coffee, and the girls got some cocktails – a Lemongrass Bellini for Mady and “the world’s best Bloody Mary,” according to Jessi.

The girls both ordered the Cloth-Bound Cheddar & Potato Cake with market brussels sprouts, bacon, poached egg.

I went with the seasonal Pumpkin Pancakes with candies pecans and a maple bourbon glaze.

Both dishes were delicious! I also loved how their portion sizes were…well, normal. No food baby after this meal. The only complaint was the poached egg on the potato cake was a bit overcooked, which I’m sure could’ve easily been fixed by request. Overall, we enjoyed a great meal and will definitely be going back soon.

What’s your favorite brunch meal?
Do you usually go for savory or sweet?

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