because it’s my birthday, duh.

Okay okay, it’s totally not my birthday yet. That would be March 18. But, let’s be real…

Owning it.

On Friday my week(+)-long birthday celebration started with a trip to a land far far away called New Jersey. Destination: Atlantic City.

We stayed at the The Chelsea – a trendy little boutique hotel right on the boardwalk, around the corner from Tropicana. There’s no casino there, which I prefer, but there definitely wasn’t a shortage of amenities with their spa, lounge, and restaurants.

Jessi and I decided to grab dinner at a sports bar instead, though, because why eat a fancy dinner when you can have chicken tenders and chili cheese fries?

Patti and Kristine arrived a bit later, and then our night began, where we enjoyed just about everything AC has to offer. I’m still not sure if that’s entirely a good thing or not.

Later in the night we got our mandatory club fix at Providence, which was actually a lot more fun than I anticipated.

(…although, I must admit I wouldn’t have gone if Jessi didn’t use her magic list of contacts to get us out of the $15 cover.)

We rounded out the night with some gamble-age, bopping around, making new friends, and almost getting in two fights with very scary girls. Naturally.

On Saturday we spent some much-needed time at the spa, followed by grubbing our faces off breakfast. Then we headed back to the casino where I finally got my gambling fix…for the first time in my life, actually. My game de choix:

Kitty Glitter may look like an innocent little one-cent slot…and I may be the most typical girl in the world for playing it…but guess who walked away with $159 on her $20 after pushing about three buttons?

And just like that, this first-time gambler paid off her entire trip. Lovely.

The girls hit a few more tables to win back the money they lost the night before (Patti successfully, Jessi and Kristine not so much), and then we hopped on a bus home. We quickly made plans to go out when we got back because…well, who needs to sleep when there’s a birthday to be celebrated?

We started at Catch and then headed to Stash for what turned out to be another great night.

Now the party is continuing in Pennsylvania for a few days so I can spend some quality time with the family…but this time the “party” consists of being as lazy as humanly possible. Oh, and lots of this:

Any other week-long birthday celebrators out there? What’s your favorite way to celebrate your birthday?


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      I’m going to need to start doing some traveling on my birthday, too. I’ve always wanted a birthday without snow, and living in ND, that’s pretty tough. We’ve been having such unseasonably warm weather that it ALMOST happened this year, but then snowed the day before!!

      Next year? I’m thinking palm trees. 🙂

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    Hello! This comment is purely out of curiosity. I have been a reader of your blog *on & off* since before you made the move to NY. Granted NY is an exciting city w. lots to offer… you seem… different… for lack of a better word. And not really in a good way 🙁 I don’t know you… so perhaps this comes off as a bit judgemental… which I don’t mean for it to… but prior to your move… you seemed wholesome… totally diggin’ God & family… & your priorities were unquestionable. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong w. how you currently live your life… your priorities seem to have shifted a bit. Aaaah… I really hope this doesn’t offend! Am I completely off base?

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      Hey Stephanie!
      I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve definitely changed in many ways since moving to New York just because it’s pretty much a complete 180 of the lifestyle I had before moving here. With that being said, though, my top priorities have *not* changed – God, family, and friends. I make it a point to always remember that and remain thankful, humble, and responsible. I’m actually much happier and healthier than I’ve ever been. I’m sorry to hear that I may have rubbed you the wrong way, but I think that changes like this are pretty natural, and I hope you have a better idea where I’m coming from now!
      Have a great Monday, and thanks for the birthday wishes 🙂

  2. jade says

    Hi Gracie!

    I am writing to you about a little bit of a health- question..which may come out a little strange, haha! You seem really thin and in shape, but you are the first to admit that you never really work out, and based on the photos and the NYC lifestyle, it seems as though you eat out quite often, and also eat …relatively unhealthy things. This is no knock to you! – in fact, I’m just curious …are you just naturally thin and *lucky*, and walking around the city just keeps you in shape enough/is exercise enough? Or are you on some sort of diet that we don’t see where you sort of balance out the eating out stuff? Sorry this is more of a compliment than a question so I’m just curious! and hope it is not taken the wrong way!

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      Hey Jade! Totally happy to answer your question 🙂

      So I actually used to eat a lot healthier and exercise, but honestly it just stressed me out and I didn’t enjoy it. I mean, I probably should exercise just for the health benefits of it, but at this point in my life it’s just not a huge priority, and I do already have a very active lifestyle in general.

      I’m not on any sort of diet. I want to say I eat “balanced,” but I hate to even use that term because it’s not like I eat super-healthy some days and unhealthy other days, you know? I pretty much just eat whatever I want (I feel like a lot of girls say that but I actually mean it, haha!). I think I’m just naturally petite as well…my mom is in her 50’s and never diets and is still pretty thin.

      This is definitely no expert advice or anything, but I think that simply being happy and caring less about being healthy has made me more healthy/fit than ever.

      Hope that answers your question! Take care, girl 🙂

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    I am all for week-long birthday celebrations!! I love celebrating the little things and birthdays are a big thing so they deserve extended celebration time! Your time in AC looks like so much fun! What a great time with your girlfriends. And omg you seriously have the most AMAZING hair!!

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    I had “Yetti-Celebration-Month” this past november in which I invited all my friends to celebrate how awesome I am lol. I think the best part about it was though I did my fair share of partying that month, the little friday dinners, spa trips, and NYC vacas showed me how much my family & friends cared about me… enough to put up with me being princess for a WHOLE month! lol Happy Early Birthday, Celebrate and Celebrate well!

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    Sounds like an awesome weekend! I’m definitely a fan of the birthday week, though recently my birthday has extended until I get to celebrate with all of my friends and family (think parties in mid-April when my birthday is in May).
    And that ice cream looks delicious… happy early birthday! 😉

  6. Kristin says

    Your hair always looks sooo gorgeous!! What do you use to curl it??? Oh and Happy Birthday!! live it up and keep celebrating and being spoiled by friends and family for as long as you can!

  7. says

    Happy Birthday!! I’m a little late, but then again you’re doing a whole week! 🙂
    Love the pictures and especially love your birthday luck!! Glad you had a great time!

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