lbd optional: the new rules for nightlife attire.

Despite some mixed feedback on my previous articles, I’m back with the (last?) installment of The Everyday Girl’s Guide to Nightlife. So far I’ve shared why three isn’t a crowd and some of my do’s and don’t’s for the club. Now let’s have a little chat about something that can make or break your chances of getting past the door here in NYC: what you’re wearing.

Gone are the days where a little black dress and basic black stilettos are the go-to outfit for the club. Sure, you can still go that route as it’s very much safe and acceptable, but where’s the fun in that? In the city where anything goes and taking yourself too seriously is b-o-r-i-n-g, it’s time to move on from the outfits everyone has seen before and use nightlife as an opportunity to rock the fun styles you’d never dream of wearing during the day. There’s no better way to express that sassy and fun personality of yours than through what you’re wearing, so here are some easy and do-able tips to make that happen.

Lose the boring heels…but replace them well. That’s right – go ahead and break what seems to be the one and only commandment for girls to wear to the club. While every girl should own a basic pair of black and nude stilettos, wearing them every single time you go out can just get so…vanilla. Try replacing them with platform booties, heeled oxfords, or even a great combat boot. Even if you do decide to stick with a LBD, those edgier shoes can take your entire look up a notch.

Experiment with dressing down. If the thought of dressing down for the club is completely foreign to you, it’s okay to take baby steps. For example, pair something slightly dressy (i.e. your favorite super-tight black skinnys) with something a little more edgy (i.e. a relaxed-fit tank and a bomber jacket). And if going dress-less is just too devastating for you, switch things up at least a little bit by adding a boyfriend blazer and/or some gaudy layered necklaces. Mixing dressy with not-so-dressy pieces is a great way to throw in your personal style without going too overboard.

Still look hot. We’ve all heard the ever-important rule that just because something is trendy, it doesn’t mean it will look good on you. So when experimenting with new outfits for going out, admitting to yourself that you’re not Bar Refaeli is the first step to finding what works for you. What good is adding your personal style if you don’t look like the absolute best version of yourself? So always make sure to flaunt your best features – you know what they are.

Outfit aside – hair and makeup should always remain in check. Looking like a hot mess in that department might work for Ke$ha, but it most likely won’t work for us ordinary girls. Just remember – there’s a fine line between standing out in a good way and standing out in a “you can’t come in here looking like that” way.

Always remember to own it. Whatever you decide to wear or fashion “rule” you break, the number one rule for nightlife attire is to OWN IT. You can always tell when someone is wearing something that they’re just not comfortable in, but you can also tell when they feel confident and ready to have a good night. What you decide to wear out should only add to you being the hottest, most fun version of YOU, so own that outfit from head to toe.

What’s your go-to outfit for a night out? How do you include your personal style?


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    Love the idea of dressing down and rocking it! The worst is when people will wear something unflattering just because it’s in style… A scarf, a pair of skinny jeans with boots, and a flashy top would be perfect for a cold night out on the town!

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    I would have to go on a night out to know what I would wear out…I’m more of a low key girl. You look absolutely adorable in all your pictures though! Whenever I do get out I’ll use some of your tips:)

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    I’m with ya on the dressing-down tip. Sometimes being understated can actually have the most impact (does that make sense in an odd kinda way? ;-)).

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