1. Melissa says

    Ahh, I absolutely *LOVE* your dress and blazer! If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get them?

  2. says

    I actually have found a four-leaf clover, or two, when I was growing up in NW Pennsylvania AKA when I actually had a yard! In downtown Denver, we’re lucky to have a tree. I’ve been longing for the days when I could sit outside on the porch during a rain storm or having a fire in the pit in the back yard and talking about whatever crossed my mind while sitting at the picnic tables. *sigh*

  3. says

    Love the pictures! I’m visiting NYC right now and have been following your blog and have been hoping to visit some places you visit!:) let me know if you have suggestions for the touristy areas- it’s my brother’s first time!

    Thanks For contributing so positively to the blog world.:)


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